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What every cat owner should know before traveling with kittens


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For those who have cats and must travel, it is common to wonder what is best for them: whether to take them on a trip or walk, or not to alter their world and look for someone to stay home with them.

Cats tend to get stressed out with routine changes and outings. They become distressed, they can even hyperventilate and vomit with a simple visit to the doctor. So that the owners of the kittens do not feel like the bad guys in the movies, you have to heed the advice of veterinarians.

Are you staying home or traveling?

If the trip is at least 10 days long and the cat is not used to going out, it is best to leave someone in charge of the kitten at home. You can use dosing containers with food and water, and ask a trusted person, or who performs home care, to visit you daily or every other day to keep you company, clean the litter box and verify that there are no problems.

If you travel frequently to the same place, it is time to think about taking the kitten so that it gets used to those visits with its owners, as it happens when it usually goes to relatives’ houses.

When traveling with cats, veterinarians advise transporting them in appropriate equipment, approved and spacious enough to allow them to lie down and rollover. You should take a blanket to cover the carrier or kennel, this will give you darkness and comfort.

Cat cares for travel

Special cares for cats

Other recommendations are not to feed it before the trip by car, bus, train or plane; Always carry fresh water and a container to hydrate it. Under the cat it is ideal to place a mat that absorbs its feces and urine while it travels. These absorbent mats are sold at veterinary centers and are made from diaper cloth.

There are large carriers for long trips, with space for the sandbox, but it is important to check if they are accepted on buses, trains and air flights. In addition, they can be given cat pheromones (available in pet stores), or a mild sedative recommended by the vet, to make the cat feel less anxious.

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