What is a fetish? Discover the 9 most common sexual fetishes

Discover the 9 most common sexual fetishes

Do you think you have a fetish? Not sure if your fetishes are good? Find out which are the most common fetishes in society and if they really come from a psychological problem behind it.

eople who have a fetish often hide it to try not to suffer rejection from their partners or friends. This not only causes a sexual dissatisfaction on the part of the fetishist but it can also be a real brake to enjoy a good sex life as a couple. 

What is a fetish? 

In psychologyfetishism is a sexual arousal that occurs in response to an atypically sexual object or part of the body. Sexual fetishes are much more common in men than women.

fetish and its meaning as a result of its words could be translated as ‘an artificial and magical mania’, since this word comes from the Latin ‘facticius’ (artificial), the Portuguese ‘fetiço’ (magic) and the French ‘fétiche’ (mania). The meaning of fetish in our society has many prejudices. Despite this, it is becoming more and more accepted to talk about these terms.

Despite the fact that fetishes are highly hidden by the people who have them, the reality is that in many cases they do not pose an emotional or psychological problem.

Causes of fetishes

Specialist sexologists and psychologists do not point to a common cause why people can suffer from fetishism. Despite this, everyone agrees that most sexual fetishes are already visible during childhood, long before experimenting with their own sexuality.

Another reason why people can become fetishists can be due to inappropriate sexual behavior during childhood, either through sexual abuse or a trauma generated around their sexuality. In these cases it is essential to deal with the help from a psychologist professional all the negative consequences that can go hand in hand with these unfortunate experiences.

Is it good to have fetishes?

sexual fetish is not a psychological disorder. Despite this, a fetishist may be in trouble because of the shame or implications of their sexual fetishism. In this way, a fetish can become an anguish for the person who suffers from it because of the opinions of others. So much so that on many occasions fetishism can feel like a psychological pathology.

Although experiencing fetishes in itself is not a problem, the reality is that it can turn into paraphilic disorders when they happen uncontrollably. When this happens, a fetishist ends up having certain repercussions, especially on an emotional level, since they cannot have meaningful sexual relations with other people. In these cases it is vital to try to go to a professional psychologist to treat this uncontrollable fetishism.

Rare fetishes

What are the most common fetishes?

As we have already seen, having a fetish is not a bad thing if it is controlled and communicated to our lovers. Currently, in society there are a series of very recurrent sexual fetishes. Among the most popular we can find the following.

1. Sadomasochism

A person who has this fetish is turned on by spanking and the different ways of hitting others. On many occasions, to be able to practice this sexual fetish with total security, it is necessary to establish a limit with intensity. People who feel this fetishism can practice it with total normality if certain conditions are established with the other participating party.

2. Role plays

The fantasies sexualities materialize through this sexual fetish. In these cases the fetishist seeks to represent what excites him in the imagination. In this way, the people who participate can dress in a uniform in question or even play the role of an imaginary character.

3. Foot fetish

Some people are excited to see and touch the feet of others. So much so that fetishism related to feet is usually carried out through massages, kisses and bites. Despite the fact that this is one of the most common fetishes in society, on many occasions a person who likes feet in that sense can be stigmatized by others.

4. Erotic lingerie

Of all the types of fetishes, this is the one that goes unnoticed, as well as being one of the most common. Sexy underwear becomes a fetish when someone needs to be present in a sexual scene to participate in relationships.  

5. Sensation games

Stimuli can also be part of sexual fetishes. So much so that this fetish consists precisely in receiving the sensations in a sexual way. This can be through a blindfold or even playing with ice cream or a feather.

6. Exercise control

This is one of the rarest fetishes. The fetishist usually wants to play domination and submission with his partner, trying to control the orgasms of the other. In this way, during the sexual act, an attempt is made to bring the other to the brink of climax in order to stop in his tracks.

7. Slavery

This sexual fetishism consists of playing with the dominance and submission of others. In this sense, it can sometimes be interpreted as sadomasochism. When it comes to the fetish of slavery people try to tie up their partner to emphasize dominance. Unlike sado, in this it does not have to be harm to the other.

8. Psychological game

Not only does physical fetishism exist, but there are also people who can be turned on through those sexual games that occur in the mind. In these cases the fetish lies in the mental control that a person can have in a relationship. Sometimes this fetish involves humiliation, insults and even threats.

9. Voyeurism

Voyeurism is a fetish that consists of obtaining sexual pleasure from seeing other people naked or observing others having sex. Another face of one of these fetishes is precisely exhibitionism, that is, when you like others to see you doing it. Although it may be unknown, this is one of the most common fetishes in society.

There are many more sexual fetishes than those mentioned in this list. Having a fetish is not something weird, but there is more and more normality both to accept them and to show them to the couple. Enjoying sex is vital to the emotional health of any relationship.