Why Must You Dance? 9 Benefits of Dancing

9 Benefits of dance

Dancing is very beneficial for our mental and physical health. You want to know why? Dancing improves your physical and mental health. Find out why you should let go when the music plays.

Music is like a good book: it allows us to escape from reality, it invites us to delve into the mind, to feel new emotions, sharpens our concentration, helps us relax and stimulates our brain. Sometimes, while listening to music, we feel the urge to move our feet, our hips, take a turn. If when they put that song that we like so much, we let ourselves go and we give it our all on the dance floor, or in the living room. Letting these emotions or sensations flow with the dance can be very beneficial for our physical and mental health. 

Why should we dance?

The dance allows us to feel freer, more uninhibited and, above all, more happy. Dancing has many benefits for our health, and not only physical ones. For this reason, some researchers have studied how dancing helps us overcome moments of stress, anxiety or depression. In short, why it makes us happier.

The studies (which, although different, pursued the same goal: to demonstrate the benefits of dance on our mental health) come from the universities of Columbia, Derby, New York, Deakiny and Örebro. The research teams that have carried them out have reached the same conclusions: dancing is extremely beneficial for our emotional stability.

Swedish and English universities focused on how the art of dancing influenced patients who suffered depression, stress and anxiety. In the case of the Nordic, the study subjects were adolescents who also suffered from other physical ailments, such as back or neck pain. To carry out the research, the subjects attended dance class on a regular basis for a certain time. When the experiment ended, the team was able to verify that they not only felt better emotionally thanks to dancing, since the psychological symptoms they suffered had decreased significantly, but they said they felt happier.

Researchers from the Australian university, as well as those from the New York university, reached the same conclusion. In the case of the latter, the study subjects were children under 5 years of age, for whom dancing was synonymous with happiness and joy, since it generated positive emotions that made them happier.

The reason is very simple: when we dance we release endorphins, which are the happiness hormones. In reality, they are neuro-peptides that our body generates and that are responsible for reducing our feelings of sadness and pain and increasing our feelings of joy, happiness and well-being. Therefore, when we dance, as when we laugh, we are happier.

But the benefits of dancing go beyond the hormonal or biological aspect of our body. Dancing is still a social activity. With the dance we uninhibited, we joke, we sing, we socialize with other people, we move to the sound of the music. Therefore, dancing, like reading or listening to music, also stimulates our brain. Following the rhythm of the music while we dance favors motor coordination. And relating to other people when we move to the beat of the music makes us more socially open.

Benefits of dancing

Benefits of dancing

As the studies we have discussed have shown, people dancing can derive many benefits from the art of dancing. Mainly, dance can bring us the following.

1. Improve your mood

At the moment that the feet incite us to dance to the rhythm of the music, the body begins to secrete the hormones that are known as those of happiness. Thanks to this, dancing and its benefits also help us reduce symptoms related to anxiety and depression. 

2. Reduces mental and physical stiffness

Learning to dance can give us more capacity to deal with the problems of our daily life. Through dance, people become more flexible physically but also in our perspectives and beliefs. 

3. Increase motivation

Learning to dance to the rhythm of music not only tones our body at a muscular level, but also helps us to promote motivation to achieve our goals. Joining a group of people dancing and doing it in your routine will benefit you for your personal purposes. 

4. Keeps the mind sharp

Another benefit of dancing affects our memory and creativity. When learning how to dance, people must remember a series of steps and memorize them. In addition, through this a personality much more prone to creativity since this activity requires motivation and cognitive skills. 

5. Reduce stress

By exercising and releasing the hormones of happiness, people dancing can cope with all the effects of stress. In this way, the benefits of dance also make us more likely to be optimistic and have a positive attitude before life. 

6. Improve social ties

You don’t have to do the best dance in the world to enjoy dancing and its benefits. By joining a group of people, in addition to the advantages that we have mentioned, you will also improve the bond that they have. With dance, people manage to overcome their own discomfort in front of others. 

7. Improves brain function

Taking advantage of any occasions to dance also puts our brain dancing in every way. Another benefit of dance is precisely that through it the brain uses various areas and connects them with each other, making it improve its functioning in the face of daily life problems. 

8. Reduces the chances of suffering from disorders

By improving neural networks and the transmission of chemicals that help stabilize our mental health, dancing reduces the chances of suffering a neurological disorder. 

9. Increases confidence and self-esteem

Finally another of the benefits of dancing is precise that through this exercise we are able to improve our self-esteem. The reason is that music and dance help people to overcome their fears and face their problems with greater determination. 

Through dance we can become aware of all the problems that we have within us. So much so that on certain occasions, psychologists they use therapies related to music and dance to help their patients. 

How to learn to dance?

How to start dancing?

You can start dancing at any stage or age. The important thing is not to end up doing the best dance in the world, but to improve yourself as you dance. Therefore, you can take these tips to start doing it. 

  • Let go of insecurities and fear

That others see you dance should not be important. When hitting the dance floors, insecurities and fears must be put aside. 

“Dancing, whether it’s in front of a mirror, in a class, or in the middle of the dance floor at a nightclub, requires you to silence that voice in your mind that tells you that you can’t do it or that people are judging you. Dancing requires you to trust yourself, trust your training and give yourself permission to fly. “

Corrella, Spanish dancer

  • Try different types of dance

To obtain all the benefits of dancing, you should not do a specific dance, any type of dance is ideal for it. So if you don’t like one, you can try others until you find the one that best suits you and your personality. 

  • Start small

You don’t have to make the decision to join a center to start dancing. You can always put on music and dance to your liking. Dancing is taking your body to the rhythm that you want, the important thing about the art of dance is to let yourself be carried away.

Dancing is one of the keys to releasing our most repressed emotions and sensations. For this reason, letting music conquer your body can help both your mind and your body. The secret of dance is to let the music flow through you.