7 fundamental actions in digital marketing strategies for e-commerce

Ecommerce Fundamental Steps
Ecommerce Fundamental Steps

The growth of eCommerce is increasing with the advancement of technology and the standardization of online platforms to create businesses for the purchase and sale of products or services.

Over the years, digital marketing strategies for e-commerce have been successfully developed  that help an online store to receive as many visits and customers as possible, but

How do marketing strategies help my e-commerce?

Like a physical store, the growth of ecommerce depends on the advertising and quality of service that is offered, either with the use of seasonal promotions, special offers or offering competitive prices.

There is a very high rate of ecommerces that enter the digital market and do not stay afloat for long because they do not follow a strategic plan that positions them in the key channels for businesses of this type.

How do I start my digital marketing strategy?

The first thing to do when creating a digital business is to establish a name and image for the brand as well as the type of product to be sold, these are the key elements to ensure the growth of ecommerce creating an identity and mission that can transcend and testify through the products for sale.

Then it is necessary to propose a plan of marketing strategies that must be strictly followed to guarantee the growth of an online store. Discipline, consistency and compliance with plans are key to the success of any business.

Strategies that help increase CTR

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of visits that a website receives, enhanced by the efficient use of meta elements that optimize the SEO of web pages, achieving a better positioning in search engines such as Google. Simply including the keyword of your website in the URL increases the chances of being suggested as an internet search option.

The strategy to increase the CTR of your eCommerce lies in the correct use of the Title, which is the title that identifies your website in search engines. The keywords referring to your site should be added consistently and not saturated with keywords having an extension of no more than 60 characters to ensure 90% that Google selects it as one of its first search options.

The use of meta-description and rich snippets is another important element in increasing CTR because it is the description that defines the type of web page, products offered and the quality of the site itself. This information is below the Title and must also contain keywords distributed in a logical way so that it is recognizable in the SERPs.

Social media marketing plan

social media marketing plan is essential: Many eCommerce businesses have the misconception that you only need to publish the products to sell on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, but there is nothing more false and inefficient than this.

A study of the target audience and the product to be sold must be carried out, as well as in this way it is decided in which social network to publish the products and the frequency of the publications.

Keeping track of visits and product acquisition is very simple with social media allowing a weekly or fortnightly study of the growth of ecommerce to be carried out, knowing the periods of more customer activity and average sales allows planning promotions or special seasonal offers for increase customer flow.

SEO positioning

This is an ecommerce product or service information optimization strategy that, if used correctly, can achieve position in the first lists of search engines such as Google. The use of keywords in the descriptions of virtual stores is essential to be visible to customers.

Avoiding duplicates of information when it comes to products or services is key to preventing the website from being identified as plagiarism. Updating the content information indicates to Google that the site is in constant activity, prompting it to suggest it in the search results.

Content marketing

If you want to achieve an effective positioning on the web, you need to plan a strategy depending on the type of product you want to sell. Create a blog for your online store that contains keywords arranged in such a way that it attracts the attention of potential customers to your store.

Email Marketing

Many server providers for ecommerce offer a volume of massive emails to attract customers with advertisements that draw their attention and interest to access your store. The amount of emails that are sent monthly to potential customers and the cost are determined by the provider.

The first impression of your catalog counts

Once the customer accesses the portal of your online store, they will be on the main page where they will have the first contact with the products and services of the same. It is important that the design of the same includes images and well distributed summaries of the products to be sold.

Depending on the quality of the home page, the customer will be more interested in exploring the product catalog and making a subsequent purchase.

Affiliate marketing

Do you squeeze the full potential of Affiliate Marketing? : It consists of establishing a commercial alliance with a third entity that specializes in the marketing and promotion of products or services. For each client that the partner entity manages to capture with its advertising strategy, it receives a bonus per click when accessing the original site of the product.

Companies that implement effective strategies

The largest companies in the online market established precedents in the most effective strategies to achieve the growth of their ecommerce, with Gift Campaign being  an exponent of the implementation of optimal actions to attract customers. Following the example of the greats is a strategy in itself to guarantee that you are on the right track to achieve the growth of ecommerce that aspires to achieve your commercial goals.

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