Marketing and Coronavirus: How to Sell During the Covid Pandemic?

Covid Marketing Strategy Coronavirus
Covid Marketing Strategy Coronavirus

We explain the 10 keys to adapt your marketing and commercial plan against the pandemic and Coronavirus, ready to sell more during the Covid?

The coronavirus has changed the way of marketing.

The pandemic is changing everyday life and the way we behave. Although, the panorama changes a bit depending on the country, social distancing and virtualization of activities is a norm .

Therefore, marketing during the coronavirus must be focused on the new reality and current and real needs of customers.

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How to adapt the marketing plan against the coronavirus?

Although marketing is not an exact science, it is true that it requires planning and knowledge. In addition, it must be adapted to the reality of each moment, also of a pandemic. To do that, you must know the following aspects:

Refocus Your Marketing Goals During Coronavirus

With the arrival of the pandemic, the world had to change in all aspects.

The virtuality became common and will remain so indefinitely. Therefore, marketing during the coronavirus must be focused on this new reality.

To do this, you need to change your goals and the way you reach new customers. The first, marketing must be digital, due to quarantine regulations, people rarely leave their homes and the second, you must develop a plan to reach new customers.

Traditional marketing has undergone a change to adapt to the needs of the pandemic.

Redefine your content marketing during the coronavirus

The content is possibly the most important characteristic to be able to stand out.

Knowing this, for marketing during the Covid it is pertinent to focus the content on the new world panorama, that is, virtuality. Many of the keywords used in SEO today have the word “virtual” , “online”, “online”, etc. For example, “online fitness exercises” or “virtual yoga”.

Virtuality has become normal in Europe and the American continent, some countries have been less affected, but all have a quarantine implemented in different ways, depending on the nation.

People are now looking for content related to virtualization of different activities. Therefore, the content created must satisfy that need, that is, fulfill that search intention.

Keep communication a priority

Knowing the need to virtualize life, all businesses, small, medium and large companies have been forced to completely change the way they work and, above all, the way in which they reach current and new customers.

Fast food and gourmet food businesses have implemented very strict customer service hours and in the countries most affected by the pandemic, these businesses are making home deliveries.

This reality is not limited to this sector, everyone has been affected. Therefore, communication is a priority when conducting an effective marketing campaign during the coronavirus.

Communicating to your clients all the changes that will happen in your business is very important. For example, in order not to lose regular customers in a food business, it is necessary to notify them by some means of the existence of the home delivery service.

Be transparent in your marketing during the coronavirus

In order to empathize with loyal customers and above all, with new customers, it is important to make clear the current reality and how to deal with it.

This strategy brings with it 2 very positive main results, the first is to create empathy and improve communication with customers. The second result is to help in the fulfillment of sanitary norms.

The last result is fulfilled in various ways, for example, when a store is small, it must make it clear in some didactic way, that it can only serve a very small group of customers and that all must bring masks. One way to inform this reality can be through a video.

In addition, to empathize, this video can inform that each customer within the store will receive a little antibacterial gel, by some employee of the store.

To achieve this transparency, marketing during the coronavirus must be empathetic and sincere .

Redefine the target audience during the Covid pandemic

Many people were heavily affected by the pandemic, financially and personally. Many had to get used to online shopping. Because of this, the great kings of e-commerce have increased their income.

Now almost everything is ordered by home delivery.

This reality changed the target audience, although demographically it is the same, in behavior they have changed, that is, it changed the way in which the usual services are used.

Therefore, brands must identify flaws in the home delivery process. Not everyone is familiar with this service and, to avoid loss of customers who are not yet used to this reality, brands must create ideal communication with customers who have greater difficulties.

Although they must also attack the clients who are best used to the new reality. To achieve this goal, coronavirus marketing must have an excellent reach and understand new needs.

Keep in touch with your audience through social networks

Social distancing is a norm that will be in force for the next few months in almost every country in the world.

This situation can be taken advantage of by brands, due to the enormous time that people spend in front of their computers and mobiles, either working or simply being distracted. Above all, at that time they are using social networks.

Due to social distancing, social media has become one of the best ways to get clients.

If your target audience spends a lot of time on social media, then targeting that platform is an excellent idea. With marketing during Covid it is important to be resourceful and creative.

Social media is always a great place to find customers, but with this scenario, it could be the best platform to increase your clientele and make a new brand known. Although the Internet is always the preferred option for finding clients, with the pandemic it has become even better.

Make sure your website can be found easily

There are more people online than people walking or driving, this is due to the rules of social distancing. The number of people using online services is increasing tremendously. In addition, every day the number of people who are shopping online is increasing.

This is the ideal time to do excellent marketing and, above all, improve SEO web positioning. Being positioned in the first search results is essential to secure new customers.

This is not the time to have a low or inconspicuous profile, the right thing to do is to do good marketing during the coronavirus and reach the largest number of customers.

Advertise on search engines and social networks (PPC)

There are a number of ways to advertise and marketing online, each with its advantages, disadvantages, and lead times for results. One of these ways is known as PPC (pay per click) marketing, like using Google Ads.

The number of people using the Internet and, therefore, social networks, is in historical figures. Never before have you seen so many people online at the same time. The figures speak for themselves, according to a study conducted by IAB ( Interactive Advertising Bureau ), World has 100 million people making online purchases.

This figure is equivalent to 0.5% of the total population . If we match this scenario with the other countries in the world, it is easy to deduce the importance of having a strong online presence. Therefore, doing PPC marketing is a great idea to get more income.

But to achieve this goal, marketing during the coronavirus must respond to customer needs.

In The world there are 100 million people shopping online, now is the time to advertise on the internet!

Work local SEO and marketing, now or never

Something that should never be lacking in a digital marketing strategy is SEO and due to the pandemic, it may be the best way to get new clients.

There are different scopes in a marketing campaign, the largest will always be international, but with the current reality, it is necessary to change the typical approach. Due to social distancing and the virtualization of the vast majority of jobs, travel between countries has decreased dramatically, but travel within the same countries has also been affected.

With this landscape, it is better to focus on the local audience. Therefore, local SEO is necessary for any marketing campaign during the coronavirus to secure new customers and reduce the economic blow caused by the pandemic.

Connect with your clients by Email Marketing

There are several ways to reach new customers, one of them is Email marketing. With the increasing volume of people using online services, it is easy to deduce the importance of this method.

In addition, for companies and businesses that make a living from e-commerce, using this method is an excellent idea to increase sales.

Through Email Marketing you can send promotions, discounts and information about a product or service. It is a great way to gain trust with customers. For this reason, you should never miss a marketing strategy during Covid.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to get new customers in the pandemic.

These are the advantages of this method:

  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. It is compatible with any company.
  3. It adapts to all types of strategy.
  4. It’s economic.
  5. It has quick results.

Adapt to the reality of the coronavirus

Adaptability is a characteristic that every business needs in order to survive constant changes and competition. But the global landscape is extremely hostile for any company, no matter how small or large.

Because of this, it is extremely important to adapt to customer needs and the demands of the global landscape. For example, if customers cannot leave their homes much, then products or services must reach them, otherwise, customers will decline and worse, they will lose their trust.

Although it is not an easy job, it is pertinent to be able to predict future customer needs and adapt to them.

When doing a marketing campaign during Covid, you should think about ways to adapt your business to changes.

Analyze data and measure results

Although it is necessary to invest money in a business to obtain results, it must be used wisely.

Many times companies spend more money than necessary on advertising. Although there is also the case where the necessary is not invested. To achieve the highest profits, the ideal is to analyze different SEO and PPC metric data, which are provided by Google Analytics for free.

By doing this, you will be able to estimate your return on investment and determine if your marketing strategies during the coronavirus are successful.

Try, learn and try again

Unfortunately digital marketing is not an exact science. Because of this, it is imperative to always be learning new things.

It is also vitally important to try new strategies. Outdated never works, especially in marketing. You need to be as up-to-date as your customers so that you can understand and reach them more easily.

Those who learn from experience and failure are destined to be successful in the world of marketing, but they should never fall asleep, they should always be awake and aware of new trends and customer needs.