What is a Newsletter and What are its Benefits?

Newsletter what is it how works
Newsletter what is it how works

The newsletter, far from dying, are gaining more and more importance in the digital strategy of brands. Due to this, it has become a mandatory communication tool as long as its use is reasonable and is legitimized to “disturb” the inbox of our users.

What is a newsletter?

newsletter is a digital publication that is distributed via email with a certain periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly). Newsletters are usually made up of different articles of interest to subscribers about the brand or the sector in which it operates and accompanied by an offer or CTA towards premium content or a product/service.

Normally, the people who receive this type of communication are subscribers who have previously shown interest in the brand and have agreed to receive this information. This is of vital importance since we must only send communications that the user has previously requested. Whenever we can, it is essential that the user double-opt-in before receiving communications.

What is a newsletter for?

The newsletter is a communication tool with great potential for conversion and loyalty. Due to their low cost, brands are able to impact their users more times, thus maintaining a continuous link with them.

Likewise, newsletters are a perfect tool to generate web traffic. This stimulates the sales of your products or services, either by generating new customers or loyalty to old ones. Keep in mind that the public that receives it has previously shown interest in the content and (in general) has expressly requested to receive this type of communication.

This feature makes your customer conversion ratio considerably higher than that of other communication channels such as social networks.

On the other hand, the newsletter is a perfect channel to send users special promotions , thus increasing the lifetime value.

Why should you implement it in your digital strategy?

Today, a registered user or subscriber has great value. And there are a lot of reasons to write a newsletter:

  • Email has a much longer life cycle than social media.
  • 91% of marketers check email at least once a day.
  • Email is the primary lead generation channel for 89% of marketers.
  • 80% of consumers prefer email as a marketing communication channel.
  • Email marketing has an ROI of 4300% , much higher than other digital communication channels:
newsletter vs other channels
  • The audience that receives it is predisposed to receive your content. You are interested and have agreed to receive it.
  • It does not require a large economic investment.
  • It allows you to bring more traffic to your website.

There are many advantages of writing newsletters, however, we must be careful when making these communications, always thinking first of the user and knowing that, as we are going to disturb them in their day to day, we must make sure that we are going to add value with what we are sending you.

It is for this reason that hyper-segmentation is key when communicating. Do not send the same to everyone, segment your communications so that you attract more attention and less rejection.