What is Twitch and Why Include it in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Twitch and why include it in your online marketing strategy
What is Twitch and why include it in your online marketing strategy

Have you heard of Twitch? If you or someone close to you likes video games, it is probably not the first time you hear this name. But for everyone else, what is Twitch?

In this article I want to explain how it works, but also why it is a good idea to include it in your digital marketing strategy. We started!

What is Twitch?

Twitch belongs to Amazon and is the largest video game streaming platform that exists today. It has an audience of around 15 million active daily users. Streamers broadcast their content live and interact with users through chat, generating engagement. Users, for their part, enjoy interactions with their favorite streamer, to whom they can also make donations.

However, you are probably asking yourself: “And why should a platform that shows video game players be of interest to my business?” It is likely that it seems to you that one thing and the other have nothing to do with it. But actually, yes, especially if your business could benefit from those live and streaming connections for its strategy.

Would you like to discover all the potential of this platform? I invite you to continue reading this article in which I explain what Twitch is and why include it in your online marketing strategy.

What users do we find on Twitch?

Perhaps you are considering choosing Twitch as a platform on which to focus part of your efforts within your marketing strategy. But, for this, first you need to understand two things well:

  1. Qs the type of user that frequents the platform. Although it all started with youtubers streaming while playing video games or eSports, now the audience for Twitch has expanded. Apart from video game fans, who can spend hours watching others playing and commenting on the game, and the challenges that arise when playing with each other, we also find more music-related content, tutorials on various topics and more creative topics in general. In other words, it is becoming a streaming platform for different areas.
  1. What users are looking for on Twitch. The good thing about users who are on Twitch is that they have a high degree of engagement with what they are watching, and they are very interested in the content they consume. What matters for them is listening to the streamer they have chosen, having fun and learning something.

Those who know what Twitch is are clear that the platform’s success lies in bringing together the two biggest forms of entertainment in recent years: television (= live streaming) and social media.

In addition, it offers something that users increasingly value more, which is not to consume content passively, but to be the ones who choose what to consume with the possibility of interacting live with what they are seeing.

For what type of users can this Amazon video game platform be interesting?

According to InfluencerMarketingHub and Brand24 , some data from the audience would help us to know for which buyer person Twitch can work:

  • 73% of users are between 16 and 34 years old.
  • 65% are men and 35%, women (it is not possible to put the option of not saying it yet).
  • 54% have a full-time job.
  • 46% have a child

These statistics tell us that there are not only users who belong to Generation Z and later, but that Millennials cover an important part. This information is key to assess whether or not to include Twitch in your marketing strategy, you will have to study your buyer persona well and decide if carrying out marketing actions directed to this platform can contribute positively to the objectives of your company.  

How to include Twitch in your digital marketing strategy?

Now, we are going to see some ideas so that you can consider how to include Twitch in the marketing strategy of your business:

1. Influencer marketing

One of the most effective strategies right now on Twitch is that of Influencers. It is logical, right? On this platform, many well-known gamers can market certain products and promote them in different ways. The most frequent are offering gifts to your audience, doing giveaways or sharing the unboxing of a product on video. As in all influencer marketing strategies and depending on your budget, you must choose whether to reach a large streamer with a large audience, or a smaller one, more niche, a streamer – microinfluencer.

2. Online events

You can take advantage of some game tournaments or use Twitch as a platform to advertise your brand at online events. From your own brand events where you gather your most loyal customers and their favorite influencers to concerts to attract the attention of a larger audience segment. Can you imagine launching your new shoe collection by doing a parade through this platform? Another possibility is to use Twitch as an alternative to Zoom or Meet. If your audience is in their 20s and 30s, it can be a great idea.

3. Interviews and webinars

Twitch gives you the possibility to share in streaming interviews with relevant people from specific sectors, famous people or even webinars focused on people interacting with the speakers. On the one hand, you achieve the closeness and interactivity that this format gives you, on the other, you work on your brand recognition and you are gaining authority in your sector. If you choose this route, I recommend that you take advantage of the tool’s functionalities. Live chat is very agile and can mark that differential note that you are looking for by encouraging participation in this way.

4. Tutorials

If you are attracted by this way of including Twitch in your brand’s digital marketing strategy, you should know that tutorials are precisely the option where there may be more space for each business to find its audience and its niche. Since 2020, with the pandemic, Instagram broadcasts have become quite common. If you’ve been doing them, you could try to bring your audience to Twitch with this kind of educational content. Some ideas to exploit your potential are to show training routines, share best practices, or explain how to reach certain goals.

5. Ads

Although not common, in some countries it is possible to advertise on Twitch. There are different formats, but banners are the most frequently used, since they allow the streamer to have an affiliate link and earn. However, I do not recommend it. As you can imagine, the Twitch user is very clear about what he wants to see and who he wants to follow. That means it won’t accept interruptions or more “traditional” type announcements very well.