Digital Marketing Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Company

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Company


In the following article, we will talk about the benefits of Email Marketing as one of the most used online communication techniques currently in the Digital Marketing environment and how we can get the most out of this practice for our companies.

Email Marketing is a powerful tool through which we communicate with users by sending emails, to attract potential customers to our business.

Perhaps the most important aspect of using this technique is to have the prior authorization of the users, to use it correctly and to comply with the requirements of the LOPD (Organic Law on Data Protection).

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of email marketing for the activity of our company.

Advantages of email marketing automation in companies

Organizations today employ many direct and indirect techniques to optimize their marketing campaigns. Among them, for a long time now, is the use of emails, which, maintaining its traditional model, brings us news along with the automation of email marketing.

The use of emails was one of the first strategies adopted by digital marketing. Despite the fact that many did not have faith in it for a while, today it is among the most successful options for many marketers.

This technique, far from being invasive as many thought, has a very good acceptance, since the client previously authorizes the receipt of this email, making this medium very effective.

It is used in the sales channel, with objectives that range from nurturing the lead achieved, prospecting, converting this prospect to an end customer, and therefore to user retention, thus encouraging brand loyalty.

As it is the digital medium of choice among most companies, it has many benefits that must be exploited. Among them is scalability, that is, the large volume of users that can receive your email. However, careful management of the customer database and their segmentation must be carried out.

It is advisable to have the database always updated, and to ensure that the list is made up of clients who have previously registered on the brand’s page, or have agreed to receive this type of email.

Today, digital media bring us more and more facilities, and this is where email marketing automation, or also called Email Automation, makes its appearance.

4 reasons for email marketing automation

Email Automation allows you to personalize and automate the communication of the company with the user. With which fluid communication is strengthened, thus having the user at all times an answer.

This automation helps companies to perform repetitive tasks, now putting the responsibility before the automated robot, which responds in absent hours of workers. This tool becomes a fundamental complement to the email marketing strategy.

Among the main advantages of email marketing automation are the following:

Saving time and effort

As long as the emails to be sent are well organized, and the customer database is kept up to date, automated emails will be a success when it comes to converting prospects into customers.

Achieve brand loyalty with email marketing automation

Thanks to Email Automation, many actions can be generated which allow the user to feel special. The brand can generate a series of automatic emails, for example, sending an email to the user on their birthday, or sending them a reminder of a webinar in which they have previously registered. In this way, a link is generated between the brand and the user.

Opportune moment

Among the main benefits of email marketing automation is that the brand always arrives at the right time, providing the user with the content they are looking for instantly. Then, the brand will no longer experience slow communication with the customer, which in many cases prevents the final conversion from taking place.

What is achieved is an action-reaction automation, that is, before the user’s action or question, having the immediate reaction or response from the company.

Newsletter delivery

The newletters or newsletters are publications that are sent periodically to a list of contacts already established. The fundamental characteristic, and the reason for the positive impact it has, is that the recipients have previously subscribed on a voluntary basis to receive said newsletter.

Sending these newsletters enables a greater conversion of prospects into customers, more than social networks. In addition, it is possible to retain customers, who are nourished by always receiving quality content.

In conclusion, email marketing automation is here to stay in companies because it facilitates emotional bonding and quick response to customers. With the proper use of this type of strategy, there will be an increasingly close approach with the customer, who will be able to better experience their acquisition process, both prior to purchase and later.

Benefits of Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing  that we get from putting this communication technique into practice are:

1. Profitability

If we compare the cost of conducting Email Marketing campaigns with other communication channels, such as: radio, television, SMS, etc., it is truly profitable for our companies.

Carrying out Email Marketing campaigns , we manage to reach our potential clients by optimizing time and available resources. In addition, we avoid incurring costs for printing, stamps, sealing, etc.

Compared to other direct marketing tools, Email Marketing offers great capacity and high potential.

In fact, the most important reason that the marketing departments of companies take into account to carry out Email Marketing campaigns is, precisely, its low cost.

2. Speed ​​and efficiency

Thanks to Email Marketing, we manage to reach our target audience in a fast, direct and efficient way, regardless of where they are.

If we compare it with the rest of the advertising media, we can personalize and segment our campaigns as much as possible and we can even spread them through social networks, thus optimizing the impact on our followers.

3. Versatility

Another advantage that we can highlight from the use of this online communication medium is that it gives us the possibility of using different formats when creating our templates : we can include images, videos, music and use a variety of tools that help us call the attention of our clients.

4. Measurement

One of the main differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing is that the latter gives us the possibility to measure our actions very precisely.

The Email Marketing gives us data almost immediately successful with our campaigns across different indicators: open rate, clicks or bounce rate.

There are many Email Marketing tools that even give us the ability to measure the impact of our shipments in real time.

The importance of measuring lies in the fact that, through the results obtained, we can make different decisions and even personalize shipments according to the movements of users.

5. Segmentation

Another truly important and beneficial feature of Email Marketing is the enormous segmentation capacity that we can carry out when sending to our customer database, being able to apply different criteria and segmentation models.

We can even divide our list of subscribers into segments, taking into account in advance when collecting data those that are not more relevant, since some of them will be available in the tool that we use to make our shipments, such as: IP address, the response rates to our shipments or if they have purchased a specific product and / or service.

6. Personalization

We can personalize the messages we send to our customers or potential customers, unlike what happens with other communication channels where our actions are massive.

As we have personal data in our lists, we can personalize shipments by addressing our customers by name and, in addition, we can use information such as their city of residence, their age, their purchase history, etc., in order to personalize the maximum our shipments.

To give an example, if we have an online store, thanks to Email Marketing we can send automated and personalized messages to customers who have left the shopping cart with a reminder and including a discount or promotion to encourage them to finalize said purchase and, now, step, we take the opportunity to retain these customers through these offers.

In summary, Email Marketing has established itself as one of the most powerful tools to reach users and it gives us excellent results.

Thanks to this direct channel, we can adapt the content to each client in order to achieve better results. The segmentation capacity that it provides us is key in our communication strategies, since our results may be negatively affected if we send information to users who are not interested in our products and / or services.

It is a direct technique that is characterized by not being invasive, as long as the users have accepted the receipt of our shipments.

The Email Marketing to measure results in near real time, which gives us valuable information about our campaigns and these awaken the interest in our customers.

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