Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is analyzed on Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is analyzed on Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5

Today it’s time to heat up the atmosphere with a graphical and performance comparison with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as the protagonist. Of course, the comparison focuses on the Xbox Series X versus the PlayStation 5, where ‘TheAnalystDeBits’ indicates that the game runs on both consoles in backward compatibility mode.

Due to the nature of the game, neither console has a problem running the game in Quality Mode, which implies a native 4K resolution of 2160p @ 60 Hz, indicating isolated performance drops on Sony’s console.

Load time in Mass Effect Legacy PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series XS 740x416 0

In Performance Mode, both consoles lower the resolution to 2560 x 1440 pixels, but the PlayStation 5 console is limited to 60 FPS while the Xbox Series X is capable of reaching up to 120 FPS with some frame drops. It is indicated that especially in the Mass Effect 1. The most curious of all is that the loading times are faster in the Xbox Series X, which makes it clear that it is not well optimized for the Sony console that takes three times more time to load the game.

At a visual level, it is indicated that both games are identical in textures, shadows, reflections, drawing distance, etc., but that the PlayStation 5 presents some graphic bugs at specific points. Thus confirming that it has not reached the platform very polished.