Resident Evil Village: explanation of the ending and the epilogue

Resident Evil Village explanation of the ending

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is a direct continuation of Resident Evil 7, set approximately three years after the previous game. Ethan and Mia Winters have moved to Europe to start a new life, but that turns into chaos when Chris Redfield suddenly appears and murders Mia.

[Warning: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village’s ending below]

The events of Resident Evil Village shed more light on this event and Chris’s motivations, but much of the overall story isn’t revealed until the last hour or so. It’s important to keep what happened in Resident Evil 7 in mind, as the history of the previous games ties directly into the history of Resident Evil Village .

A lot of information is thrown at players in the final stretch of Resident Evil Village , and it can be difficult to keep everything in order. It should be noted again that there are massive spoilers ahead for Resident Evil Village’s ending and the game’s epilogue.

The mind-blowing ending of Resident Evil Village

The end of Resident Evil Village really begins as soon as Ethan defeats Heisenberg outside the factory. After destroying the mechanical monstrosity, Ethan confronts Mother Miranda posing as his wife, Mia. Here she reveals that she was impersonating Mia at the beginning of the game when Chris broke into the Winters’ house and apparently killed Mia. All of this was to kidnap Ethan’s daughter, Rose, because apparently she is Eveline’s ” true full form ” and some kind of container. Mother Miranda plans to use the Megamycete, a strange being housed below the village, and Rose, to reincarnate her daughter Eveline.

In a shocking twist, Miranda seemingly kills Ethan and players switch to Chris Redfield’s perspective as he infiltrates the village in search of Miranda. Chris is very sorry for Ethan’s death, and originally kidnapped Ethan out of concern that Miranda might have infected him. At the same time that Chris infiltrates the village, the BSAA arrives and begins fighting Miranda’s forces. While fighting enemies, Chris’s squad discovers that the mold of RE7 and Eveline both first originated in the village. Eventually, he runs into the Megamycete, in which he places a bomb, and then Miranda’s lab where he saves the real Mia Winters.

A Bit of Resident Evil Village’s history can be learned in the lab through documents, which reveal that Eveline died of an outbreak of Spanish flu a hundred years ago. Filled with despair, Miranda entered a cave for her last moments, but discovered the Megamycete, which can apparently absorb the consciousness of anyone buried in the village. Miranda spends decades experimenting with people, trying to find the perfect container to bring Eveline back, and through these experiments she gave a sample of both Eveline’s mold and DNA to The Connections, which is how she ended up in Louisiana in Resident Evil 7. .

Mia hints that there is something unknown about Ethan, then things suddenly change to her perspective. Through some kind of vision with Eveline, it is revealed that Ethan was killed by Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7 , and has only lived as an advanced type of Molded. This is why he has been able to take so much damage and do things like reattach his arm.

Ethan awakens from the vision aboard the Duke’s carriage, still alive by sheer force of will. The duke drops Ethan at the ceremony site, where he confronts Miranda. The duke gives him one last warning, saying ‘ Mr. Winters, I’m afraid you can’t go back to your old world. . «

At the ceremony site, Miranda pulls Rose out of a puddle of mold, and Miranda’s power literally begins to leak from her body. When Ethan confronts her, Miranda turns into a grotesque six-winged creature. After a furious battle, Ethan kills Miranda and saves Rose, but her body begins to crumble. Chris helps evacuate Ethan and Rose, but on the way to the helicopter Ethan staggers and realizes he won’t make it. He gives Rose to Chris and asks him to ” Take care of her, teach her to be strong, ” then removes the detonator from the bomb from Chris.

When Chris, Mia, and Rose escape the area by helicopter, Ethan presses the detonator and destroys the Megamycete. While airborne, Chris checks on a dead BSAA soldier and discovers that he is not human, but rather a bioweapon that looks suspiciously like a Demonic Resident Tyrant. With the truth revealed, Chris charts a course for BSAA Europe HQ. That’s the main Resident Evil Village ending, but there’s a final surprise after the credits roll.

Resident Evil’s future after RE Village

A teenage Rose visits Ethan Winters’ grave, wearing the jacket she gave her when he died. It’s not exactly clear when the scene takes place, but based on Rose’s age, it would be roughly fifteen years later. Resident Evil Village . As she pays her respects, a BSAA agent appears to pick her up.

Rose has developed powers similar to Eveline’s, and appears to be fully aware of her birth and the events in Louisiana in Resident Evil 7 and the town in Resident Evil Village . The BSAA agent taunts her by calling her Eveline and Rose is enraged, warning her that she is capable of much more than Chris knows. The agent tells an undercover sniper to stand down and not take the shot, as “ she is just a girl. «

In Resident Evil Village’s The End (and After) it’s obvious that Chris has contributed to raising Rose, and the game’s epilogue seems to suggest that he’s now working for the BSAA’s bio-fighting weapons. The unidentified agent tells Rose that he looks a lot like her father, Ethan.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC