Video Games Industry Big Winner of the Global Crisis


The impact that prevention measures against the spread of the coronavirus are generating are having repercussions not only at the sociocultural level, but also economically. Despite the fact that this situation is unfavorable for several industries, the video game industry seems to be favored. This is indicated by a study carried out by the Swedish company Redeye, which points out that the gamer market will have a resilience that will allow it not to suffer the collateral effects of this economic panorama.

As published this week by the Swedish company Redeye, Investors betting on the gaming industry can feel safe from the troubles that the spread of COVID-19 brought to the world. This is because the study carried out indicates that during this time of isolation and quarantine a new audience of constant consumption will emerge. It should be noted that this goes hand in hand with bringing the segment closer to people, giving the possibility of enjoying and trying high-quality free titles. In turn, these solidarity mechanisms will have a positive effect on these new users.

Likewise, the report indicates that the actions in the sector of the video games plummeted like the rest of the market, but “not in the same degree”. This is seen by Swedes as a “healthy sign”, within an “unhealthy” context.. As a direct impact, they contemplate that companies and developers will benefit as more countries put their population in quarantine since they will be potential players.

Regarding the most used platform, they consider that PC games, with Steam at the helm, will be the ones that take the best slice from the portion of new users. It is worth noting that last weekend, Valve’s service broke records for online users, something that reinforces this thought. On the mobile side, they support that it will increase to a great level, as happened in China during the outbreak. However, this segment is the strongest in that country, so the effect could not be the same in the West.

Redeye was also in charge of indicating that they expect a “slight increase in the volume of business in the short term for most of the gaming companies”, relative to the effect of Covid-19. As for the long-term future, they consider that the current use they are having will be due to the fact that games are “sticky”.

As far as video games are concerned, the report mentions important titles that will make a dent during these days such as Animal Crossing: New Resident Evil 3 Horizons, the remake of and the new from Square EnixFinal Fantasy VII Remake. These are cataloged as “possible winners” of a new audience thanks to the pandemic. In the same context enters the DLC of Remedy’s game, Control, which will hit the market next week.

On the other hand, the main analyst of the MiDiA Research group, Karol Severin, confirmed in an interview with the Wccftech media that online games are best for socializing during times of quarantine and social isolation. In addition, he pointed out the importance that the gaming industry does not need to stop, since productions can continue to be carried out through the home office, unlike what happens with cinema and television, which should stop their activities.

Another quality pointed out by Severin is that this market does not need distribution unlike other products, since the public is used to being sold digitally. This also deepens the crisis in the video game retail market, which he believes received their “last nail in the coffin.” A clear example is that of the Game Stop chain, one of the most affected by this, it is not closing its stores in the United States because it considers them an essential product and cannot lose sales. A measure that opened a strong controversy and brought the magnifying glass on the gamer world.

In the background, but not less, it is expected that both computers and consoles will gain ground in the mobile segment , one of the fastest growing in recent years. This is due to the fact that the user, being locked up at home, does not enjoy the mobile features that these products have, competing hand in hand with stationary products such as those mentioned above.

Beyond this auspicious short-term future, the world of video games is taking different actions to entertain people during the days of confinement. Both the FIFA 20 league organized by esports commentator Ibai Llanos, which will bring together famous footballers and the virtual Formula 1 competition that will replace the Grand Prix, will serve to get closer to the community of players.