Scarlett Johansson is not alone, ​​Emma Stone also plans to denounce Disney

Scarlett Johansson ​​Emma Stone also plans to denounce Disney

After the actress Scarlett Johansson has denounced Disney for breach of the agreement in his contract, Stone shuffles doing the same for the simultaneous premiere of Cruella on Disney +.

Scarlett Johansson, who has just starred in the blockbuster Black Widow for Marvel Studios, has seen the success that this film has generated for the critics and the box office clouded with a lawsuit: against Disney in particular, for having released the film simultaneously on Disney +, something that seriously violates the contract he signed when agreeing to shoot the film. In light of this event, there is another actress who is thinking of doing the same: Emma Stone, for the premiere of Cruella also in theaters and on the streaming platform of the House of the Mouse.

More voices would charge against Disney

Stone’s intentions have not been officially confirmed, but former The Hollywood Reporter editor Matt Belloni has echoed this possibility in his exclusive newsletter What I’m Hearing…, as echoed by ScreenRant“Cruella star Emma Stone is said to be weighing her options,” says Belloni. In addition, it is not the only name on the table: it seems that Emily Blunt, who stars in Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson, could also take action on the matter.

In addition, Belloni maintains that Disney is being “notoriously difficult to deal with” in these circumstances, adding that other creatives would have been waiting behind the scenes for someone to make the first move. After Johansson has given it, it is possible that throughout these days we will see more cases and complaints against Disney in this regard. The simultaneous premiere between cinema and streaming platform, by the way, was already highly criticized when Warner decided to do the same with all its 2021 releases. In fact, the producers of Dune and Godzilla also sued the major for breach of contract.

Belloni also pointed out that Johansson currently has the support of a large number of artists, and dares to point out that this situation “will not be resolved.” While Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige claims to be “embarrassed” by the controversy, Disney’s lawyers have offered a response that would not have been very well received: They claim that Disney has consistently adhered to the stipulations of the movie contract. Johansson. In fact, in an attempt to undermine the actress’ claims, they argue that her salary has not been affected by the premiere of Black Widow on Disney +, but has increased.

On the other hand, in Johansson’s lawsuit, the following can be read: “Disney intentionally induced Marvel Studios to break the previously signed agreement, without justification, to prevent Ms. Johansson from realizing the full benefit of her deal with Marvel.” It remains to be seen if this complaint leads to other voices rising up.