Everything that natural yogurt contributes to your body

Natural Yogurt Benefits

You are at home, you have had dinner for a few hours, you are calm and rested, but you have a bit of I don’t know what… the body asks you for food and you don’t know what to give it… well there it is, open the refrigerator and take it out, the natural yogurt and if it is possible that it is also Greek. Nothing more. I prefer to buy natural yogurt because that way I can use it for other things such as sauces, pastries…

A normal size yogurt is the equivalent of about three tablespoons, although you can also choose to buy the large and familiar size of 1kg. You can sweeten it with some type of sweeteners such as white, cane, brown sugar, some type of sucrose or stevia. It is preferable that you use a natural one such as honey. But the most important thing is that you do not abuse, and try to use the minimum amount.

Remember that our intention when taking it is to offer nutrients to the body without gaining weight, to eat in a healthy way, we do not want unnecessary calories taking into account that we will take it at night.

Properties of Natural Yogurt

What properties does this delicacy give us:

  • Strengthen our defense system
  • Regulates the acidity of the stomach
  • Stabilizes the intestinal flora
  • Contains protein
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, which are essential minerals to keep bones healthy.
Natural Yogurt Delicious

Ideas to accompany Natural Yogurt

To improve this delicacy, we can add walnuts, with two or three of them will be enough. These provide us with great wealth in B vitamins, especially folic acid (B9) and B6, important for the proper functioning of the brain and for the production of red blood cells.

It is high in vitamin E that makes it a very energetic food and fatty acids that can prevent cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

In addition, the walnut helps fight multiple diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, strengthens the genital organs, and increases the secretion of milk in mothers. It is a great antioxidant and therefore we can consider it as the source of eternal youth.

Like yogurt, it is a food very rich in calcium so it helps prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

We already know that our yogurt will help our digestive system through the “good” bacteria that yogurts contain, which protect our intestines and vagina from other bacteria and will improve our defenses.

Now, if we also add walnuts to this dairy, we will be consuming a healthy cocktail of vitamins that gives us a lot and we have very little left.

Yogurt is good and healthy, how can we say no!

If even so, today you feel especially happy, and you want to pay tribute, I advise you to try adding a tablespoon of red fruit jam or blueberry jam, it gives it a very special flavor and you will reach heaven.

It is true that you can accompany natural yogurt with any fruit, I like natural pineapple, although it is a contrast, it is delicious.