10 Ways to Motivate People You Need To Try

Ways to Motivate People You Need To Try

There are two types of people, those who, wherever they go, find parking and those who do not, because there are people who do what they do well and other people who sink it, because there are people who wherever they are have a good time and another makes your life bitter. In short, why are there people who do everything well and are successful in what they undertake?

The level of motivation is related to the optimism of each person, or what is the same depends on their coefficient of optimism.

In short, there is a direct relationship between the level of motivation and success, but the source of individual motivation, that is, what motivates each person, is very different from each other and has nothing to do with success.

How much time do we spend thinking about problems? And in the

One of the issues in which motivation also affects our work is in time management and, above all, in its productivity. If we are motivated to work, it is easier for participation to increase and solutions or new points of view arise on the problems of the organization.

According to a study carried out in the United States, the time invested in
meetings when raising the organization’s existing problems occupy 8 times more than the time spent searching for solutions or new approaches to these same problems.

If the worker feels involved in the work and with the organization – if he is motivated
by what he does – he will probably systematically evaluate his
work environment, his strengths and weaknesses and, day by day, if he maintains a positive attitude You will think more about possible solutions than about the problem itself.

How to motivate each person to get the best of them?

Help people motivated them

10 Ways to Motivate People

  1. Find out where motivation comes from.
    • First you have to identify and discover that motivation comes from within people. The key here is to get people motivated. Great Managers manage deals, not people.
  2.  First empathize with people before they empathize with you.
    • This simple tip works wonders !! For a leader to be heard, he must first listen. Shut up, listen carefully, and then speak.
  3. Provide Feedback. (Champion’s breakfast)
    • To obtain great results with people, it is essential to give continuous feedback. Achievements are achieved by feedback. If you do not provide them then they will make their own and that is not recommended.
  4. He is guided from the front (Lead by example).
    • If you need volunteers, be the first to volunteer; If you want employees to help customers, be the first to help them. Leaders motivate, that is, they start the engine of their followers by being an example for their teams.
  5. Tell the truth always and fast.
    • A leader never reserves the truth and is quick to tell it. In this way they foster trust and hope in their teams.
  6. Know your Purpose.
    • Remember your Vision. A good leader knows what he is doing and what he expects from his team. A good leader is always helping his team stay focused on the Vision.
  7. Do the Worst First.
    • Show your team the priorities and if the worst is what needs to be done, then do it first. After that, the rest will seem easy.
  8. Know the strengths of your People.
    • Enhancing people’s positive attributes encourages them to do their best.
  9. To motivate your People, you first have to relax.
    • If you are nervous and tense, your performance will decrease and it will affect other people in the same way. Make an effort to calm down and stay trustworthy.
  10. Give up on always wanting to be right or to show that you are right.
    • Show them that you know beforehand that you won’t always be right. That’s a hallmark of great leaders.

What is your opinion of these 10 ways to motivate people? Share your opinion and do not hesitate to ask any questions that arise.