5 Signs You Are Ready For A New Relationship After A Breakup

Ready For A New Relationship After A Breakup

How do you know if you are ready for a new relationship? How long does it take to turn your ex’s page?

How long does it take for our heads and hearts to heal after a couple breakup? When will we be ready to fall in love again? Undoubtedly, each relationship and each person is different and there are many who bet on a nail to remove another nail and others who need a time of self-knowledge and healing before starting a new relationship.

New relationship after breakup

When a nail pulls out another nail, many times it works out, but many times it doesn’t. On many occasions, we think that we have met someone new who gives us everything that our former partner had not been able to offer us. And we quickly embark on a new relationship in which many times what we like is more the fact that we do not have to consider being alone and all that it can involve missing life as a couple, than what this new love can offer us emotionally.

For this reason, our psychologists always recommend before starting a new relationship: be emotionally prepared.

How do you know if you are ready for a new relationship?

Here we will explain some of the signs that tell you that you are ready to open up again to find love:

1. There is no resentment or pain

If deep down you are looking for revenge from your ex-partner or you feel hatred towards that person for everything that happened, it is very likely that you are still in moments of mourning for this relationship. If, on the contrary, you are indifferent and are even happy that your ex-partner can be with someone else, then your pain has healed.

2. You have enjoyed your single life

Although not everyone is capable of enjoying solitude and singleness, it is important to learn to know ourselves, love ourselves and open our horizons at this stage to see what we want in our life and try new things.

3. You know what you want

Your emotional maturity has evolved, your self-esteem is much higher and time has allowed you to understand what you want in your life and in your relationships.

4. You have stopped comparing

Perhaps a new person has appeared in your life with great positive points that provide you with a new illusion. If you are not comparing him/her to your ex, then you are ready to move on.

5. You trust again

The breakups that usually do the most damage are those where trust between the two parties is broken. When you can trust and feel safe in front of another person, you have been able to solve it.

If you think that any of these signs may be difficult for you to overcome, you can always go to our psychologists to heal your wounds and turn the page. Be happy and fall in love if you wish! Let no one cut your wings!