How to overcome a disappointment? 5 Keys to get out of disillusionment

overcome a disappointment

Do you feel like people continually disappoint you? Do you think that a love, family or friendship disappointment is affecting you too much? Find out why and how to overcome this disappointment.

Have you ever been so disappointed that you think you will never be able to forget it? It is normal for people to be disappointed at some point in their lives. Despite this, constantly living with disappointment can affect you in various aspects of your life. It is vital that in the face of a friendship disappointment or a love disappointment we can overcome these feelings and show that our worth is truly ahead of others.

What is disappointment?

Having a disappointment means that someone or something has ended up defeating both our hope and our expectations of it. In this way, when people disappoint you, the emotion is characterized by a feeling of regret or sadness which is often closely related to a loss. The reason for this is that on many occasions this can go hand in hand with a love disappointment or a family or friendship disappointment in which we do not believe that there can be any forgiveness.

What are the causes of disappointment?

There are people who tend to be disappointed more often than others because of the way they are. On many occasions, disappointment usually goes hand in hand with a personality more fragile or more sensitive to the environment.

1. Idealism

Sometimes love disappointments or a family or friendship disappointment can be due to the fact that there are too many expectations around a person. In some cases, we tend to be overly idealistic in our relationships or in various aspects of our lives. For this reason, we may be disappointed by others.

2. Negative thinking

In other cases, perhaps someone who is always disappointed or disappointed may be because they constantly have a series of negative thoughts that make him act and see the world from a darker tonality. Thus, there is a tendency to be disappointed in situations that perhaps should not cause disappointments in life.

3. Lack of communication

Sometimes people are disappointed because we don’t know communicate well before others. The reason for this may be that we do not dare to share our thoughts and on many occasions this can lead to both friendly disappointments and love disappointment.

4. Low self-esteem and personal security

The disappointment can also go hand in hand a lack of selfesteemor personal safety. Sometimes we get frustrated with others because of our own shortcomings.

5. Toxic relationships

Finally, other people can really give us a disappointment with their attitude. Sometimes we can be disappointed in love, family or friendship because they have a bad attitude towards us. The reality is that on many occasions we can all be toxic with others because we experience certain deficiencies. Equally, this may be one of the causes of our disappointments.

These may be some of the main reasons why we may be disappointed and what it means. In these cases, if you feel identified with some deficiencies in front of you, you can always consult with a professional psychologist to be able to remedy this type of attitudes towards others or the effects of disappointment.

How to overcome a disappointment?

Although the causes are external or internal to us, we can always overcome a disappointment in love, family, friendly or ours through the following psychological advice.

  • Identify the source of disappointment

When someone disappoints you or you feel disappointed or disappointed by a fact, the first thing to do should be to identify what is the reason that really causes you this feeling of sadness or discomfort. The moment we know the cause of our disappointment we can work on our feelings.

  • Change your expectations

The moment you have detected the reason for the disappointments, another of the steps to overcome a disappointment will be to try to change our way of thinking before others or before ourselves goals. On many occasions we have an overly idealistic perspective of the attitude of others or of certain facts. Sometimes it is good to try to touch the ground and accept that not everything is so ideal or that anyone can be wrong.

How to manage a disappointment?
  • Act on your thoughts

Constantly remembering that people disappoint you can be one of the reasons why you pay much more attention to negative attitude of people. In these cases it is vital to try to act on these negative thoughts that control us and make us see life from another perspective.

  • Learn the failures

In order to overcome a disappointment, we must learn to see the good perspective of our failures. This is precisely the best attitude you can have in the face of any family disappointment, love disappointment or friendship disappointment.

  • Communicate more effectively

Learning to say our feelings and emotions to others can be a very effective tool to put disappointments aside. In this way, others will know what our limits are and how they can respect us so as not to create a disappointment in us.

On many occasions, disappointments are usually related to few abilities towards ourselves and ourselves. So much so that to overcome a disappointment we must work on mental health and our physical and mental well-being. In these cases, we can always count on the help from a professional so that you can learn to know how to handle disappointment. The key to overcoming these states of disappointment is precisely revaluing ourselves from within.