15 Best Neuromarketing Strategies to Sell More

Neuromarketing Digital Marketing
Neuromarketing Digital Marketing

Science at the service of Marketing? It’s not science fiction! It is a reality, Neuromarketing has tools and techniques to try to detect how the consumer’s brain acts when making a purchase.

In other words, the strategies of Neuromarketing focus on identifying the emotions behind the decision of a consumer.

It is proven that consumers before a purchase decision are carried away by a series of stimuli and emotions from the subconscious. The study of the behavior of the brain in these situations offers important and valuable information.

By using Neuromarketing techniques, you can modify your strategies and create smarter marketing that will increase efficiency and results.

Do you want to know more about this innovative Marketing trend? Keep reading and learn a little more about Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing vs neuro-sales

Entering fully into the world of Neuromarketing implies taking into account certain concepts to understand how it works. Thus, it is important to know and differentiate the term Neurosales with the concept of Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing can be defined as the research strategies capable of identifying which stimuli can attract the consumer’s attention. Neuro-sales are the tactic used to carry out strategies based on the information and data obtained.

With neuromarketing we obtain the necessary information to be able to create the service or product closely linked to the consumer’s emotions, we apply it through neuro-sales tactics.

Why develop a Neuromarketing strategy?

Neuromarketing allows measuring the human response based on neurological, emotional and physical reactions. This information reveals internal aspects of the consumer’s subconscious, which help to create a Marketing strategy.

Marketing strategies based on Neuromarketing are much more real and closer to the consumer. Therefore, the percentage of effectiveness and success is more than remarkable.

Thanks to a Neuromarketing strategy, the basic wickers are strengthened, in order to grow and increase the performance of the company.

We are going to know some well-known Neuromarketing strategies, which will allow you to better understand how this new trend works.

Best Neuromarketing strategies

Neuromarketing facilitates the creation of different strategies to get the most out of the consumer’s responses to stimuli and their emotions. These are the most popular and interesting.

1. The role of mirror neurons

Mirror neurons show activity when an individual performs a particular action and when another person is observed performing the same action. This last concept is important, since the consumer tends to feel identified with his similar.

They play an important role in learning and understanding intention, speech and language evolution, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Therefore, marketing strategies must strive to give voice to these emotions and feelings.

2. Appeal to the “social identity” of your clients

Another very important aspect is to ensure that the products or services are identified with a social or collective group.

A brand image that responds to the needs, emotions, culture or philosophy of a large part of consumers can be crucial. Getting loyal followers of a brand is one of the great objectives of any Marketing strategy.

3. Opt for scarcity and exclusivity

Hand in hand with the previous point, the principle of exclusivity is associated. This defines the fact of offering exclusive products or services that make users feel in a special or important way, exclusivity is capable of stimulating the acquisition of products.

The almighty Apple uses a lot of this principle, each product it presents is an exclusive opportunity for the faithful to the brand.

4. Avoid using round figures when setting prices

As a consumer, you will have noticed that you do not react the same to one type of price as to another.

Many studies have confirmed that round prices (€ 13, € 20…) are not as effective as less round prices (€ 12.90, € 19.99…). If you have worked in sales environments you have already heard the influence of ending the price with a 9. Many online businesses and subscription services that use a pricing model ending in 9 instead of 0 have seen a significant increase in their sales.

5. Offer product packs

Another strategy that works 100% is offering multiple products in one, rather than just one product. Consumers react positively to these alternatives.

It is advisable, whenever possible, to avoid drip sales of products and services, which cause a painful consumer experience. On the contrary, it is recommended to offer a pack that contains an “all inclusive” and provides the consumer with a satisfactory reward.

6. Determine the right price

Price is one of the great stimuli that modifies a consumer’s decision-making. Therefore, special care must be taken when setting the price. A fair price will be the one closest to the market price.

Obviously, a price above the average will be detrimental to the interests as the buyer will decide on other options.

7. Invoke all the senses

A good Neuromarketing study will offer us a product that awakens the greatest number of emotions and senses in the consumer.

Working the greatest number of senses in the presentation of a product service can multiply the options of being the chosen one.

8. Don’t offer too many alternatives

Do you know the saying “the short is good, twice good”? Simplicity is a very good weapon to attract the attention of consumers. Thus, it is important that users have the ability to choose, but it is not advisable to overdo the use of alternatives to present a product or service . This could cause users to become saturated and leave with the competition.

9. Draw attention with attractive packaging

Everything counts to get the consumer’s attention, and packaging can become a differentiating element by which users decide on your product .

It is increasingly common to see how much effort and innovation is invested in this aspect: collectible packaging, personalized packaging, etc

10. Offer multiple forms of payment

Providing facilities to the consumer is always a good starting point. In this sense, offering different forms of payment has become a stimulating factor for users . For example, being able to finance the purchase of a product can increase sales exponentially.

11. Stimulates the imagination

Making the brain work is another good strategy to help the user decide on a product. Games such as completing the image in promotional and advertising campaigns make the brain retain the message or images offered more deeply.

12. Use organic shapes

According to various studies, the brain likes organic shapes as they offer greater naturalness and serenity in their concave and convex lines. The consumer prefers these shapes to the more square or geometric ones. Playing with organic shapes is established as a key that stimulates the user’s attention .

13. Develop a feeling of belonging

A strategy based on the feeling of belonging tries to reach the deepest part of the consumer. Reach their heart and emotions, for this the products have to make the user feel important and special.

In this way, brand loyalty and a great sense of belonging are enhanced.

14. Include testimonials from other users

A good way to connect with users is through stories or so-called Storytelling. Many advertisements rely on storytelling and presenting characters that can fit the profile of consumers.

15. Offer free gifts and discounts

Discounts and free gifts work, they always work. They are a type of positive reinforcement or reward that consumers readily accept. It is advisable to carry out a well-studied and programmed discount campaign so that it does not turn against you.

Finally, do not forget to be inspired by the best examples of neuromarketing from recognized companies in the use of these techniques, they will surprise you. 

There are many options that neuromarketing offers us to create marketing strategies. Emotions and feelings are the key pieces to manage and integrate a real and effective marketing campaign.