6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business


Beside to all the online visibility, other factors show the importance of Digital Marketing: it helps to build a qualified audience for the brand on the internet, has a lower investment compared to Traditional Marketing and still provides real and measurable results. Many companies around the world actually understand the importance of Digital Marketing and why is necessary. In RD Station there are more than 13 thousand clients who are investing resources in the internet and reaping good results from this investment.

In recent years, digital marketing media has become part of consumers’ daily lives. Users not only use the internet for work or entertainment, but also use it to resolve any type of business-related question. All the information around a brand will make the user more or less willing to become a final consumer, so a digital marketing strategy will be essential to improve the image of the brand and increase its visibility.

We are going to show the 6 points that prove the value and importance of Digital Marketing for companies.

1. Guarantee a strong presence on the internet for your brand

When you have a problem or question, what do you do?

If the answer is: I search for it on Google, you have to know you are not the only one. Google is the largest online search engine in the world. A good investment in Digital Marketing can help your company appear in the results and be found, greatly reducing the cost of customer acquisition. Not only when someone searches for a solution that your company offers, but also when someone searches by your company name.

Have you ever been frustrated when searching for a business on Google or Facebook and not finding it?

Having a digital presence today is essential, SEO is important. And if the client is looking for the name of your company and cannot find it on the internet, the chances of not contacting you are huge. Of course, the digital presence goes beyond search mechanisms and social networks. A website with its own domain is the minimum that your company needs for a good digital presence.

2. Build a qualified audience

How do you relate to your audience today? Do you know who your clients are? The consumption habits they have? Their behaviors? Their professions?

Another important point of Digital Marketing for companies is the fact of your being able to build an audience that really wants to consume your product / solution and relate to that base until they are loyal.

Digital Marketing offers the possibility of attracting people who are really interested and have the fit with your product / solution. Besides that, you can organize those contacts, either through registered emails, subscribers to a newsletter or even fans on Facebook. Over time, that audience will become a critical asset for the company.

3. Talk to the right audience at the right time

Digital marketing has the possibility to go further and not only to build the right audience, but also to communicate at the right time.

Contrary to offline marketing, in which it is often impossible to be precise exactly which audience you are talking to, Digital Marketing gives you the possibility of a much more precise level of segmentation of your audience. It is also possible to create more than one audience and segment the communication for each type of audience. With existing tools on the market, it became easy to monitor user profiles and activities.

It is possible to segment in a very specific way the people for whom you want to advertise a product, service or content. that allows you to personalize your actions and marketing campaigns much more.

For example, if you segment your actions for small market owners, that makes it possible for you to run ads and campaigns that answer the specific doubts and pains of the people in that segment.

By virtue of that, your audience will identify much more with your actions, and thus the results tend to be much better.

Do you know that email campaign that you receive and that has nothing to do with what you need? Or that flyer that you received in your mailbox and that offers a product that you already bought?

These errors in communication tend to be expensive, and with Digital Marketing you can avoid them.

4. Stand out above the competition

Many companies in America, Europe, Asia and Africa still do not invest in Digital Marketing, so if you start investing today, you will differentiate yourself from a good part of your competitors. Your company can differentiate itself from the competition with the creation of good content that helps the client to identify and solve their problems. Imagine that you are looking for a solution and you don’t have references yet.

That being the case, in which company will you confirm more ?: A company that has a good site, a good fanpage and a blog with free and valuable content, or in a company that has none of that?

5. Low investment to start your first digital marketing campaign

We are not saying that Digital Marketing is free. It is not. But with the tools that exist today, with a high segmentation power and with the varied strategies of website optimization for search engines, investing in Digital Marketing became much cheaper than investing in traditional media.

Over time, the price for offline marketing ended up being very high. Advertising on television, radio, in newspapers and on billboards has a very high cost. It is a high investment from which most companies, especially those with low turnover, cannot find a return. Digital Marketing, if it requires a minimum investment, can be much cheaper than offline marketing. It is not strange to say that Online Marketing strategies also occupy a large part of the marketing strategies of companies.

6. Analyze results accurately

One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that it is measurable, so you can know what the ROI of your actions is. In addition, you can access the information at any time and obtain results in real time, which is not the case in traditional advertising.

Marketing actions are moldable. That is, we can launch an action, review how it develops and, if we are not happy with the results, shape the action to try to optimize them. It is not necessary for a Digital Marketing campaign to have finished, to make changes to it, for what if we optimize on time we will save time and money.

Any digital marketing action can be focused on your target thanks to the possibility of segmentation. Performing a much more personalized segmentation will help increase your conversions. We can segment our audience by gender, location, language, country or consumption habits, among many other options.

As you can see, Digital Marketing brings you a large number of benefits. Now, the real challenge to make the definitive leap to the digital world is that you are able to establish coherent synergies between your Traditional Marketing and your Digital Marketing, developing a strategy that defines actions and pursues specific objectives.