How to Drive More Sales Through a Lead Nutrition Strategy

Drive More Sales Through a Lead Nutrition Strategy
Drive More Sales Through a Lead Nutrition Strategy

Implementing a lead nurturing strategy correctly can be essential to conquer and convert your website visitors into potential customers (leads), and finally, convert them into loyal customers who “wear your brand’s shirt.”

In this article, we will not talk specifically about lead generation. Our goal is to show and suggest actions that can be taken to nurture existing leads. That is to say: strengthen the relationship with your potential customers so that they carry out the purchase journey with your company.

Thus, to be successful in this task we recommend following some tips and of course, understanding the importance of lead nutrition for increasing sales.

What is lead nurturing?

In short, and as its name says, lead nutrition means: “nurture” the relationship with your potential customers. For this, the company can use various channels and strategies that strengthen those ties. Thus, you can have greater authority, offer greater credibility and have a closer relationship with your leads. The result? The conversion of a lead into a customer.

However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Countless companies today are using these techniques and that is why yours must stand out in the market and win over the customer. For this, it is necessary to offer a quality service / product, good service, and mainly, a good shopping experience for the customer. Thus, this will relate your company with feelings and positive sensations.

In addition, when this strategy is implemented correctly, lead nurturing exponentially increases the customer’s purchasing propensity. Offering quality content that can educate and nurture the company-lead relationship is essential to win over your potential customers.

The leads that are nurtured through the content offering

relevant to them (after market segmentation),

produce an increase in sales opportunities of up to 20%.

How do you make this flow of nutrition work? We will tell you below:

How to do lead nutrition?

Lead nurturing is done by preparing and sending good content. Therefore, the lead goes through the sales funnel appropriately until it becomes a customer.

However, each action must have a unique strategy defined, and that is because:

Each action of the nutrition flow has a specific time to function properly. This is because one of the main characteristics of the lead nurturing strategy is personalization. And the personalization serves both for the content that will be sent and for the time that will be necessary to invest in each stage. Therefore, every action you take to nurture leads must have 100% of your attention.

Personalized emails generate a return

up to 6 times greater

than those that are not.

For a lead nurturing strategy to work, you must know your leads. This means understanding the demands and desires of your potential customers. That way, you can send material that educates them and strengthens their relationship with your brand. For this process to work effectively, you must define the profile of your ideal student and get it right.

Another essential point to do lead nutrition is to have marketing automation tools. After all, nutrition needs to be automated by work team to optimize their time, do not work several times doing the same task or eventually human failures appear in the process. Take advantage of what technology can do for your company!

Actions to take to nurture leads

Regardless of the reason your company has to invest in lead nurturing in search of better results, there are some essential actions that must be carried out by all companies. Thus, effective and complete results can be guaranteed. Here are some examples:

  • Offer educational and relevant materials via permission email marketing;
  • Produce good materials for social media that educate and attract your leads;
  • Make it easier for leads to find your products and services;
  • Show how the solutions your company offers can help that person;
  • Show that your company has great authority in the market.

Benefits of lead nurturing

Any company, regardless of the segment in which it operates, can carry out lead nurturing actions. Look at these examples of companies that have experienced positive changes in their operations:

  • According to a study by the market intelligence company Aberdeen Group, companies that automate marketing through a flow of lead nurturing increase conversion rates by 53% . Also, they go from having a growth of 3.1% in annual performance compared to companies that do not use this tool.
  • According to a report by DemandGen Report, emails originating from nutrition cycles have 4 to 10 times more responses compared to traditional emails.
  • Also, according to data from Nucleus Research, the marketing automation makes for a productivity increase of the sales team averaged 14.5%. In addition, it reduces the company’s marketing costs by 12.2%.
  • Market2Lead also has some interesting facts. Leads that go through a nurturing stage have a 23% lower purchase cycle, compared to others that did not.

Lead nurturing put into practice

Understand early on that lead nurturing results can take a while to notice. But they will appear, so do not despair and think that the results will justify the investment made.

Also, remember that lead nurturing actions are cyclical. That is, it is not enough just to nurture the relationship with the lead; you need to maintain that relationship even after the purchase.

After consolidating the sale, solidify your relationship with the customer. Thus, they will be more likely to become a loyal customer and even more so, they will be able to spread your brand in their social media and group of contacts.

Now that you know the importance of this strategy, it is time for you to invest in it correctly and take advantage of the results that lead nutrition brings to your company.