Marketing How to Write an Attractive Post on Your Blog

How to Write an Attractive Post on Your Blog


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The importance of blogs and their content for our brand

Blogs, like the rest of social media, are channels for the dissemination of content that will allow us to connect and interact with the audience of our organization. Having a blog is not going to ensure any type of success, but success will be given by the quality of the content published on it and its presence in social media and the main search engines .

The content of our blog will revolve around our organization , activity, services and products. We will leave the institutional image for the website, not on the blog. We think that it is a good channel to humanize the brand and use a language closer to our audience, which will make them feel comfortable participating and interacting with us through our content. The contents of the news, of interest, and the basic frequency in which it is published on the blog will gradually create an audience about it, in addition to the use of some SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) to achieve a better position within the search engines.

Good content does not only serve to have a quality blog. It also influences the generation of leads. Discover how to write an attractive post on your blog to achieve the objectives that you propose in your Content Marketing strategy.

If you are one of those who believe that there is no definitive formula to write the perfect post, you may want to know, at least, how to write an attractive post on your blog. To do this, follow these five steps:

1. Know your audience.

Before you start writing, you have to be clear about who you are going to address. Do you know your audience? What interests you? This is where you must start from the definition of buyer personas in your Content Marketing strategy. Knowing who they are and what interests them will make it easier for you to find a topic to talk about.

2. Define a topic and a “working title”.

Every post starts from a topic, which can be as broad as you want because you will focus it when deciding the point of view you give it. The topic, in this case, can be simply “blogs”; We mark the point of view we give to the content when deciding the “working title” (“how to write a good post”), a title that summarizes your idea and helps you focus it while you write.

But the title you decide at this time will not be the final headline of your post. The headline is an art and to master it, once you have written the post you must rework it taking into account everything you need to create the perfect headline.

3. Organize your content.

If you already have the topic and point of view of your post, you can start to raise your content. To do this, find information and organize it, so that you are clear about the structure of what you are going to tell.

It is about using lists, sections, tips … any content organization that makes quick reading easier for your audience.

4. Write it down, review it and edit it.

Editing is not just a spelling or grammar check, it is also checking the visual quality of the post, its format, its structure, the narrative thread, etc.

5. Optimize it.

We talk about both SEO optimization and conversion oriented. For the latter, create a call to action at the end of the post, which redirects the user to a special offer related to the content they have just read. If your user (who has already become a visitor if he is a stranger) is interested in the offer, he will click on the call to action that he will find under the post and will land on a landing page, where the registration will become our visitor in a new lead.

It is vital to use calls to action at the end of the post to know the real interest of the user in that offer. It is the only way to know the interest, since otherwise, you will be skipping a step in the conversion process.

Therefore, the creation and publication of a good post not only serves to have a quality blog. It also influences lead generation, because good content will attract more traffic to your blog and, with it, more conversion opportunities. Remember that we are talking about Inbound Marketing.

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