Why Use Memes in Your Marketing Strategy

The word meme refers to ideas, behaviors or styles that are culturally spread between people. It was coined by Richard Dawkings in his book “The Selfish Gene.” It is a derivative of the Greek “mimema” that refers to what is imitated.

This concept has been transferred to the Internet to describe ideas that go viral or are massively replicated through social networks, blogs, emails and they pass from person to person in an explosive way.

What is a meme?

The format of a meme can be a phrase, an image, a video or a more abstract concept. In general, their theme is humorous, bordering on the absurd, although sometimes they also become small philosophical pills. Therefore, we should never think that a meme is just a joke.

What characterizes memes is that they become an international phenomenon spreading the same images or jokes in all parts of the world.

Do not expect to find great works of art, Paint is the most common in this practice as well as the simplest montages with Photoshop, aesthetics do not prevail in the world of memes, but what they try to convey.

  • Fidelity that is preserved and even if it is replicated, it can be identified very easily.
  • Fecundity, that is, how many times the meme has been reproduced.
  • The last one is longevity, how much time is spent in the collective memory.

This term is not the one we currently know, it referred to idioms, style of manners, etc., but I am not going to bore you with the whole story, if you want to look it up, there is a lot of content on the Internet.

We are here to talk about what we currently know as memes, everyone knows what a meme is, since we run into them daily on social media and in their different formats.

Why are MEMES so relevant in digital marketing?

That’s what we’re going to do, just enter our social media today and see the amount of memes that people share, beware that people identify with this content, people like it and share it, so it is not a bad idea share a meme, no matter how serious your FanPage is.

The basis of social media marketing is entertainment, so this is where memes play a very important role, not only to connect with our audience, because every day we see invasive advertising, that advertising that is loaded with content, that advertising that only seeks sell us something, that advertising that only seeks to offer a service.

Well, you should know that people get tired of this type of advertising and even seek how to avoid it, then that is where the meme has a great importance, and it is preferable to publish a post with quite extensive content, with text that we know that the client obviously does not You’re going to read it and you’re going to end up completely ignoring it.

What kind of memes can we use for our social networks?

We can use what we can create ourselves, or we can use those that are currently trending, trending memes are a good reference so that we can start with this with this type of content, obviously we have to adapt this meme to our style, like this that we have to find a way of how the meme message fence according to our content.

For this very important we must also know how to understand the meme, if we are going to use one of these memes that is in trend, first we have to find out the meaning of the meme itself, see how it is used, see with what concept they use it and how they use it .

It is essential to understand the meme to be able to investigate where it comes from first, whether it comes from a movie, or if it comes from a specific event, in addition to also knowing how and when to publish the Meme.

“People, normally you share them daily, and sometimes we spend hours and hours on social media watching these memes”.

A recent example is the Joker meme, also when the Avengers movie was there, we saw how people shared a lot of memes about this movie.

Sharing a meme according to a trend, works for your strategy, there are all kinds of memes, we have from black humor, white, Sarcasm, psychological, there are a lot of memes from which we can choose, then our task to see what kind of memes go to work for your type of niche.