Bitcoin falls again after a new attempt to break through $40,000

Bitcoin falls again after a new attempt

Bullish attempts by the most popular cryptocurrency continue to face stiff resistance at that point. The cryptocurrency market, waiting.

With Bitcoin recording back and forth between the fringes of the $35.000 and u $40.000, the market cryptocurrencies seems to have entered a “waiting phase”, according to analysts.

With traders on the lookout for further moves, bullish attempts on the most popular digital currency continue to face stiff resistance at $40,000. Yesterday it was close to exceeding that limit again, but this Friday it returns to $36,000.

Bitcoin has been under pressure for weeks now, following a series of tweets from Tesla’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk reversing his decision to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for the company’s cars.

In addition, China took action against the mining and operations of the world’s largest cryptocurrency as part of its efforts to prevent speculative and financial risks.

China’s Financial Stability and Development Committee, chaired by Vice Premier Liu He, identified bitcoin as the asset that requires the most regulation.

The statement, which came days after three Chinese industry bodies tightened the ban on banks and payment companies from providing cryptocurrency-related services, marked a sharp escalation in the country’s efforts to end speculation and currency fraud. virtual.

China’s latest crackdown on cryptocurrencies came after the U.S. Department of the Treasury called for new rules mandating reporting of large cryptocurrency transfers to the Internal Revenue Service, and the Federal Reserve pointed out the risks that cryptocurrency transfers may pose to them. cryptocurrencies pose for financial stability.