Most Famous Traders in History You Need to Know

Traders in the History You Need to Know

Did you know that there are famous traders who have made history in the world of stock investing? In most cases these traders have generated significant capital gains in their operations, being a reference for thousands of investors, most of them beginners, who want to start in the world of the stock market.

But who are these celebrity traders? Next, we will tell you the most famous ones.

The 5 famous traders who have amassed huge fortunes on the stock market

It should be noted that many of them have been able to generate fortunes that allow them to grow every day in their operations. The most famous traders are as follows.

1. Jesse Livermore

He was born in 1877. He was a true survivor of the market crash of 1929. Although he lost large amounts of money, his fortune eventually reached $ 100 million, which would be billions today.

And he amassed this great fortune without looking at charts or indicators. I simply followed the evolution of the accounting books. It was he who developed the concept of pivot points.

2. Jim Rogers

In addition to being a market commentator, he was a true investor since 1970. He achieved a 4,200% return on his portfolio in just 10 years, being a true expert in commodity speculation.

Rogers, who was born in 1942, has predicted the biggest crashes on Wall Street. Conduct long-term macroeconomic analysis of different countries or sectors. His biggest gains were buying stocks in times of panic and selling them in times of euphoria.

3. Nick Lesson

Highly known in the market for causing the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995, the derivatives investor was famous for directing the bank’s financial operations in Singapore, ensuring large operating profits. And yes, he was known before and after for hiding the losses of the entity in which he worked, but he was one of the most famous investors in the market. To recoup his losses, he made increasingly aggressive bets. One of them was unsuccessful and completely catapulted him: the Kobe earthquake plunged the Nikkei index , losing 1 billion.

Lesson fled the country, but his escape was short-lived: he was arrested in Germany. After that, he spent four years in jail.

4. George Soros

You have probably read or heard something about it. He was born in 1930 and is today the most famous Forex investor in history. He made a $ 1 billion profit on his bet against the British pound on Black Wednesday 1992, making him a true financial guru. In fact, it has since been in the crosshairs of the Bank of England.

Soros applied a theory: the relationship between cause and effect. It helped him get a true picture of all the bubbles that were on the market.

5. Bill Lipschutz

He was born near New York and was interested in the world of the stock market from a very young age.

While studying fine arts I learned more about the stock market and business. His investments began after receiving an inheritance of just $ 12,000 , enough to multiply his earnings by 20 and become a respected trader on Wall Street.

From 1982 to 1990 he amassed a great fortune. He was in charge of an investment finance company, Salomon Brothers, a company that made 300 million dollars a year in profits after investing in foreign currency.