The 10 Largest Stock Markets in the World

largest stock markets in the world

According to a report by the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, these are the 10 most powerful stock markets in the world, based on local capitalization indices.

One of the last measurements by the World Federation of Stock Exchanges was made in 2013 as a way to diagnose the flow of capital from the world in recent years. The results of this analysis revealed the 10 most powerful stock markets in the world, based on local capitalization indices. Do you want to know what they are?

The most powerful stock markets in the world

These are the stock markets and countries with the best capital performance in the world . Remember that the economy is changeable and mobile, so many of these expectations could change quickly and bring down a colossus or rise to the top of an unsuspected market. But that’s how it was in the financial world a few years ago:

1. The New York Stock Exchange

With a stock index of 17.9 trillion dollars, the main US stock market occupies the first rung in strength and financial vigor. It is a totally traditional and well-known exchange, whose Asian investors seem determined to conquer.

2. Nasdaq OMX

Years after buying the Scandinavian companies from OMX, Nasdaq closed its market capitalization in 2013 with a figure of 6.084 trillion dollars. It operates in 24 different markets, as well as five central color repositories. A colossus.

3. Japanese stock market group

This name includes the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges, the most powerful in the Asian country, whose capitalization reached 4.5 trillion dollars in 2013, in two different sectors that separate medium-sized companies from corporate giants.

4. London Stock Exchange

The English stock market, the oldest in the world, indexed 4.4 trillion dollars in 2013, despite the fact that the British pound remains the most expensive currency in the world, above the Euro.

5. NYSE Euronext

This combined stock market of Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris reached 3.5 trillion dollars, although it does not exactly involve the most financially powerful countries in the area.

6. Stock Exchange Hong Kong

The sixth largest in the world and the third in all of Asia, it registered a not inconsiderable 3.1 trillion dollars.

7. Shanghai Stock Market

Partially closed to foreign investors, this independent Chinese exchange traded $ 2.4 trillion between stocks, bonds and funds.

8. Toronto Stock Exchange

Including TSX Venture, the capitalization of this US stock market was $ 2.1 trillion.

9. Deutsche Borse

The German stock market capitalized 1.9 trillion dollars, a figure that could be surprisingly low given the economic importance of the “German locomotive” in the financial dynamics of Europe.

10. SWX Swiss Stock Exchange

The Swiss stock market, one of the most important in the world, capitalized 1.5 trillion dollars in 2013, which places it at the bottom of the list.

A world in crisis?

Perhaps this very high stock market movement contrasts with a world that has already firmly loomed over the economic crisis in just 16 years of the century. The hopes of the system are focused on the growth of developing countries, a forgotten part of the world that, note, does not enter anywhere on the list, despite the fact that the Brazilian stock market, the sixth-largest economy in the world, for example, is without important doubt.