Vitalik Buterin criticized Elon Musk’s approach to DOGE scalability

Vitalik Buterin criticized Elon Musk approach to DOGE

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin published a lengthy article in which he criticized Elon Musk’s simplistic statements about the scalability possibilities of Dogecoin.

As we know, on May 15, the CEO of Tesla had published a tweet in which he stated “the ideal is for DOGE to speed up the time of the blocks 10 times, increase the size of the blocks 10 times and reduce the rates 100 times. Then I would win handsomely”.

In response, on May 23, Buterin published on his blog a lengthy article which he called “The Limits of Blockchain Scalability,” in which he objected to Musk’s approach, noting that it is a “fundamentally flawed” approach.

According to what decrypt reported, the renowned programmer pointed out that increasing the parameters can seem very attractive if they do calculations on a napkin, but there are many factors to consider about the balance between decentralization and scalability.

According to Crypto news, Buterin also indicated that fragmentation can facilitate scalability like that offered by centralized chains. However, it emphasizes the importance of decentralization to reduce the different risks.

“We don’t know what the exact threshold is at which herd immunity against coordinated attacks kicks in, but one thing is absolutely clear: more good nodes, fewer bad nodes, and we definitely need more than a few dozen or a few hundred. ”He asserted.

Buterin also pointed out that the main “bottlenecks” for users to run the nodes contributing to decentralization are computing power, internet connection bandwidth and storage capacity.

It is worth mentioning that Buterin’s detailed explanation was answered with a meme by Tesla’s Technoking, who suggested that the main Ethereum benchmark is “afraid” of the growth potential of the Dogecoin network.