What type of assets exist and how to choose the most suitable

assets exist and how to choose the most suitable

Assets are the investment vehicles that we will find in the different financial markets in which, as traders, we can participate. In all cases, these are regulated digital markets and the asset is the instrument in which our investments will be made. The quotes it reaches will endow it with one value or another, so its fluctuations determine the levels of profit or loss in which we move. Not surprisingly, these markets are also known as stock markets.

As investors, it is in our best interest to fully inform ourselves (for example, by taking stock exchange courses for beginners) about the characteristics of each asset. Keep in mind that their conditions must be adapted to the objectives of each trader profile, which will have to do with different strategies in time variables or business volume.

Therefore, we believe that it is interesting to provide you with some of the keys by which you will be able to interpret the usual operations of their markets.

The types of assets you should know

There are different types of assets that you can draw on trading platforms. In the following lines we describe the essential operating bases of each of them so that, according to your profile, you can bet on one or the other. Pay attention.


Currencies are traded on the so-called Forex (Fx) market. It is the largest in the world, in which millions of parallel operations can take place. Therefore, its volume of business is as relevant as the volatility that can be caused in it. In this sense, it has been revealed as a particularly recommendable market for those who perform scalping and intraday trading. We refer, respectively, to the profiles that open and close operations in a matter of minutes and after a day.

The prices, meanwhile, are established between pairs of national or international currencies. Between a base currency and another that forms a specific pair with it. It is a very advisable market for trading, since its high liquidity favors a reduction in operating costs. On the other hand, taking advantage of it requires a combination of fundamental analysis of news and medium and long-term contexts, as well as technical ones with supply and demand graphs. This is recommended for more aggressive investors.

The actions

They stand out for their versatility, since, depending on the nature of the companies that issue these titles, you can bet on higher or lower risks. If you are interested in volatility, you can resort, for example, to the shares of electronic companies.

American women are particularly famous in this regard. They adapt to all types of investors, depending on the liquidity and the size of the security.

Stock market indices

It is the most stable asset with less aggressive fluctuations since it consists of the extraction of an average of the main stock values ​​of a national economy. If you do not like risks, investments in these stock markets are not as exposed as the previous ones. Ideal for conservative investors.

Raw Materials

They are also known, in their Anglo-Saxon name, as commodities. This class of asset behaves as differently as the products that are manufactured with them. Among the main raw materials that are listed on the financial markets, we highlight the importance of metals, energy and agricultural production.

All of them are quoted in dollars and their prices are characterized by both their high liquidity and their high volatility.