Money News Why is Forex So Captivating For Traders?

Why is Forex So Captivating For Traders?


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To do trading in Forex is not for all investors; however, it is the market with the highest volume of investment. Why will it be? Well, from the outset we will tell you that it is a vibrant setting like few others; Although it does not outperform other markets in volatility, trends are generated much more frequently.

Essential reasons to trade Forex

Among the characteristics of the Forex market, some stand out such as its liquidity, the comfort it offers to operate and its permanent availability. Below we detail other peculiarities that make this market the preferred one by many investors.

1. Forex stands out as the most liquid market in the world

In Forex, on a daily basis, millionaire amounts of currencies are moved and a number of operations are executed. The EUR / USD pair occupies about a third of the volume of Forex. In addition, you can always find several offers or counterparts of dissimilar prices, regardless of the time you can operate.

There are a large number of participants and transactions are processed at high speed. Traders enter and exit the market dynamically.

2. Presents high availability and provides easy access

This market is available 24 hours a day. Opens operations on Sunday night in Spain; in Sydney it is Monday morning. On the other hand, it closes its doors on Friday night, taking the Spanish time zone as a reference.

3. The operations carried out in Forex have a low cost

An example of this is the purchase of 1000 euros of the EUR / USD pair, which has a commission that ranges between 5 and 20 cents (depending on the broker with which you operate).

4. Facilitates the development of operations based on high leverage

In this sense, it provides access to leverage of up to 400: 1 (and higher), which means that with 20 euros you can move up to 8000.

5. Allows to operate with all brokers in the same way

Thanks to the inclusion of the standard Metatrader software, traders can enjoy a standard platform that allows them not only to trade Forex, but in any market that is available in the portfolio of the broker of their choice.

Therefore, changing from one broker to another is a simple process, since the operator has the same functionalities and tools for analysis, risk control, etc. in all sessions.

6. Forex is distinguished by being a comfortable proposal that facilitates the development of intraday operations

Since it is a market with high liquidity rates, thanks to the leverage it gives you the possibility to benefit from very short movements, operating with greater volume and at a very low cost. This characteristic makes it a suitable market to deploy intraday strategies, that is, those in which, in general, the duration of operations does not exceed 24 hours.

7. It is the platform that has greater automation for the development of operations

Forex is ideal for the use of algorithms and the use of signals for their own dynamics.

Many traders implement their own systems in order to eliminate as much as possible the influence of emotions in their operations. This significantly reduces risks by systematizing entry and exit points.

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