5 Ways to Make Networking For Your Brand or Company in 2021


There are digital tools to connect and be able to network for your marketing strategy. Social distancing has forced many entrepreneurs and executives to dive deeper into the internet and search for job opportunities online. Considering the current situation, I want to tell you with practical examples all the possibilities of working your networking for next 2021.

Currently, being an entrepreneur has become the dream of many people. All this due to all the possibilities and good reasons for doing Network Marketing that allow it to be a fruitful and booming business in the marketing world. In addition to this, it is important to note that every entrepreneur who gets involved in this business must take into account that there are various factors that could make him lose everything. However, the reasons are more to encourage you and start your own business.

By reading this post you will know how I have done it and how the best online marketing agencies do it for their marketing strategy. We started!

What is networking in marketing?

I will tell you quickly and from my experience what networking is for me.

It consists of connecting with marketing professionals or from another sector to make yourself known and explain what you do in order to generate business or look for potential clients, either in a physical event, an online event or through social networks.

In other words, it’s about people knowing you, trusting you, and wanting to do business with you. According to Wikipedia, it comes from the Anglicism “networking” or network of contacts, and is used in business. There are synonyms such as “relational marketing”, “networking”, “marketing networks” or “business networks”. For professionals who are dedicated to promoting this type of activity, networking between entrepreneurs consists of “building a good network of contacts.”

To achieve this objective, those interested in expanding their agenda must attend organized events and activities so that attendees can find job opportunities.

It is about establishing personal relationships and interacting with people from like-minded professional backgrounds.

It is not only reduced to looking for job opportunities and therefore entrepreneurs, but there are also many companies that attend this type of event to find talent or, why not?, To expand their market network.

Although success in this type of meeting is not guaranteed, it is highly valued that you are the one who is selling yourself to others. Therefore, the best thing is to have studied and know very well what you want to convey to others about your professionalism and about yourself.

In the times in which we find ourselves, collaboration and mutual help between all can make a difference.

What is this marketing strategy for?

Networking is a common practice in the business and entrepreneurial world. In physical events, a period of time is usually left for professionals to connect. Take advantage of the morning or afternoon coffee for this “network” moment.

People who attend can be those with a business idea or human resources staff looking to incorporate professionals into their workforces.

It can also prove beneficial for those who are looking for a job.

Digital marketing companies or agencies also go to these types of events to find professionals, such as, for example, the figure of the social media manager, so in demand now, or web design and digital marketing professionals. It is a good opportunity to receive feedback on the product or service of your brand, from the hand of people in the same sector.

5 ways to Make networking for your marketing strategy

One of the most important aspects when it comes to starting a business is surrounding yourself with people who join the project, and, to this end, networking is key.

But … what happens now? Well, there are no events.

And so how can I network?

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you 7 examples of how to do networking for your marketing strategy. Take note!

1. Unconscious Networking: example “Marketing at Home”

Create relations through digital media in different industries in which they can discuss the new ways in which they plan to work and thus see how they can support each other.

2. Work your networking in the current situation

Of course, through social networks and, above all, LinkedIn, you can do effective networking that helps you create beneficial relationships for your business.

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence. Identify people with whom you are interested in connecting and interacting with them, start by creating a good profile, which will be your best cover letter.

Here are some basic recommendations that will help you:

  • Be sure to include a professioanl photo of you.
  • When completing your profile, use the words you want your customers to find you with.
  • Design an action plan and objectives to start working on this social network successfully.
  • Use LinkedIn’s advanced search features to find people who really interest you.
  • Join groups of professionals in the sector, share content and news that may be relevant to you, but so can you.
  • Start by getting 500 contacts, but don’t connect with everyone without a defined criteria: you must know who you want to connect and for what.
  • Share coherent and interesting publications, and if you do not have your own content, share from a reference that represents you.
  • In addition to sharing content, recommend, comment, respond to comments and, above all, be grateful.

The idea of working all these actions on LinkedIn is to find common ground and relationships with other professionals in the sector, making the most of the possibilities it offers you.

3. Networking positively impacts your marketing strategy

Networking positively influences your marketing strategy. If you make yourself known, more people will know you, worth the redundancy. For example:

In content marketing, you will increase your audience and the performance of your content. Create and share the content of your blog on social networks and promote it based on your business objectives.

Do not post things that you may regret, try to include publications of everything you do on a professional level, where you go and everything in which you are mentioned. Always be grateful.

Publish and share relevant content from your blog and the blog of other professionals to add value to your professional profile.

Thanks to social media marketing, your brand will be better known. It will increase the number of followers and a higher engagement, defining engagement as the commitment that the client has with your brand.

4. Marketing congresses

Research about meetings, whether physical or virtual, about business that you can go to and interact with people with ambitions like yours

5. Help to others

Helping other people is one of the best ways to create business relationships between people and in that way you make the services you offer known and that way the people they help will recommend you to their friends and those friends to friends of their friends and in that way many people will get to know about your business