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How to Make a Great Political Discourse and not Die Trying


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In order to get our message to the audience with a great political discourse and not die trying, it is necessary to have clarity of thought and be effective in the execution of ideas, that is, to ensure that the message not only reaches the interlocutor but is understandable, clear, coherent and concise. Many times we are immersed in a tangle of nonsense verbiage, we get wrapped up in a single idea and do not expand or add relevant information. For this reason, here are some very specific keys or tips to be able to diagram a speech using some stylistic resources that will significantly improve your message.

1. The first tip is to be clear and concise:
The more clarity in the message, the easier to interpret, it is suggested to start with a thesis to be able to develop that point throughout the speech by adding more information, the other part of the tip is to be concise, What does this mean? Do not dwell on the topic to be discussed in such a way that the reader or listener loses interest and stops paying attention. When we redound to something too much, we run the risk of looking layman and that demotivates whoever is listening to us.

2. The second tip is to be consistent:
We must try to follow a logical sequence in the development of the topic, be orderly and maintain the interest of the interlocutor through the fluency of our words. It is useless to be very good writers if we cannot make ourselves understood with others. In addition to achieving a certain order in the discourse, we must avoid introducing anecdotes that are irrelevant or citing authors, using unnecessary quotes or difficult-to-interpret metaphors that can confuse rather than clarify our point.

3. The third resource, repetition:
It is a bit complex to use since it may cause the reader to find that the reading does not flow or contribute anything different if this stylistic resource is abused. We must use repetition as a strategy to reinforce our point of view on the subject and to make sure that the reader or listener has no doubts about our ideological position and what message we want them to have. If we overuse this resource we may seem bored and lacking in inventiveness to explain ourselves.

With these three simple tips we can ensure that our message will be easily understood, that our ideas will be clear and concrete and that listening or reading us will be a pleasure for the interlocutor.

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