How to Make a Political Proposal? All You Need To Know

Make a Political Proposal

In electoral campaigns many promises are made, which can be part of the government plan, however, some of these proposals tend to be to reach the citizen in a more effective way, that is, more emotional and less technical. Here we will give some guidelines on how to make a political proposal for an electoral campaign.

Government plan:

The government plan is a guideline, without going into depth, of measures that are in accordance with the ideology, or thought, of the political party, candidate or movement. This set of proposals in various sectors would have to be executed once the candidate wins the election.

These proposals are mainly technical, they are usually raised with the help of specialists in each field, be it economic, environmental, educational, among others. The government plan in many Latin American countries is a requirement to present a candidacy, this formal step has to be taken seriously and technically supported.

However, the excessively technical content of the government plan makes many people reject it, to read it and compare it with another, in order to make an electoral decision.

If this denial were to be made, it would be in an ideal world, these proposals are not the ones that will reach the feelings of the citizen, first, because the objective of the proposals of the government plan was not to persuade the public, but to propose solutions to the public. electoral territory to which the candidate belongs according to his thought/ideology, to contribute with a possible solution. Lacking the emotional element, these proposals are not very effective in an electoral campaign.

Another element so that these proposals are not taken in consideration during the electoral contest, is that they were made before the strategic planning of the electoral campaign, which is the most natural and it is good that it be so, but, we can say that if the proposals of the government plan, since they are not a product of the electoral strategy, they would have to be reviewed, to be taken into account when converting them into messages for the campaign. They do not necessarily have to be excluded, but the proposals made in the government plan have to become a message that can connect with the sentiments of the electorate, otherwise, they should not be taken into account.

This does not mean that the candidate does not have to know them, there is always the possibility that the press will ask about some points of the government plan and the applicant must explain it in the best way.

The campaign proposal:

As has already been pointed out, the proposals of the government plan do not necessarily have to be those chosen as part of an electoral campaign, but rather those that can connect with the electorate.

The campaign proposal is one that manages to be a motive or a cause for people, a clear example is the proposal to build a wall paid for by Mexico on the border with the United States, during the campaign of Donald Trump.

This proposal was unfeasible, for the reason that the Latin American country does not have to obey the United States. However, what it meant for many citizens is that this wall would mean that more foreigners would not take away their jobs, it also meant the hidden prejudices of many people, who supported this proposal, which basically coincided with patriotic values. who wanted to highlight the campaign, but also with the ideological content of right-wing nationalism, which represented the Trump government plan.

Clearly this proposal cannot be found in the government plan, since it was made later by the campaign plan, with a strategic sense.

How to make proposals for an electoral campaign:

Diagnosis of the predominant emotions and feelings of society:

Knowing the predominant emotions and feelings linked to meanings is the best diagnosis that a campaign can have. It is very important to study this underlying energy of society, to know where to go, what messages to give and to whom to give them.

Ideology or thought of the candidate or party:

Once we have or know what the predominant social humor is, we must make it coincide with the thought or ideology of the candidate, so that with a combination of both it is achieved, compose the future proposal, which will work in the same way as a slogan or a message. campaign, since the proposal is a communication.

Choose a topic that is as broad as possible:

Before the proposal we must know what is the main concern, or what issue may be more sensitive for the population.

Make proposals on the subject:

When raising the issue, we must be aware that it may not be technically substantiated, but advisers must find a way to formulate answers to possible questions from the press.

As we see the campaign as 100% emotional and we must be aware that the proposals must be in accordance with the values ​​and meanings of the society to be persuaded.