Russia and China advocate a pragmatic rapprochement with the Taliban

Russia and China Taliban Afghanistan

The leaders of the SCO, led by Moscow and Beijing, want to stand out as partners of Afghanistan taken by the Taliban. “The new Afghan authorities must be encouraged to keep their promises,” Putin said.

The leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Friday (09.17.2021) advocated for a dialogue with the Taliban to promote an inclusive government in Afghanistan while calling for unfreezing the assets of the Afghan state in foreign accounts to alleviate the crisis humanitarian in the country.

The SCO, which brings together India, China, Russia and several Central Asian countries, wants to be a counterweight to the influence of the United States, although its concrete action remains limited. “It is important to mobilize the potential of the organization to facilitate the beginning of an inclusive inter-agency dialogue and also to block the threats of terrorism, drug trafficking and religious extremism coming from that country,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech. by videoconference at the Organization’s summit in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan.

“The Taliban control almost all the territory of Afghanistan and the new Afghan authorities must be encouraged to fulfill their promises,” he added, citing their commitment to “establish peace, normalize public life and guarantee the safety of all.” Moscow has been conciliatory since the Taliban seized power over promises not to allow “terrorist” organizations to establish themselves in the country, not to attack its neighbors, especially Russia’s Central Asian allies, and to stop the trade. heroin and opium. The SCO must assert itself as a partner for the Taliban to make good on their promises to fight “terrorism,” Putin said.

And he was not the only one to express himself in this line. “Attempts to demonize the Taliban and increase internal tensions (in Afghanistan) must be rejected. We believe that the time has come to express our solidarity and support the Afghan people,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said. He praised the “rare opportunity to end 40 years of war in Afghanistan,” while calling on the Taliban to guarantee the presence of all ethnic groups in their government.

Kahn also asked to unblock the Afghan sovereign wealth funds frozen abroad, to alleviate the economic and humanitarian crisis in the country. “If we allow Afghanistan to use frozen deposits (in Western banks) for the benefit of the Afghan people, this will also be a good step forward,” he stressed. Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who also participated in the summit through a video, called in turn to “encourage Afghanistan to build a broad and inclusive political framework”, “resolutely combat all forms of terrorism” and live in peace with its neighbors (including China).