The Role Of Influencers In Electoral Campaigns

Influencers In Electoral Campaigns

We continue to watch only the newspaper or television, and we do not realize that communication is happening elsewhere and with increasing force, since some influencers are more viewed than any newscast, said the digital media consultant and communication specialist politician Gina Wells, in her presentation in Ad last year.

2016 has already been the year of the  consolidation of influencer Marketing.

An influencer is a figure that makes their opinions and contributions through the Network, have credibility on the issues in which they are specialized, the particularity and characteristics of the Networks have made them media leaders, this, thanks to the immediacy of the internet.

The influencer is not necessarily a famous person, unlike the public opinion leaders of the traditional media, he is born from his social media and from the trust that his followers give him, it is they who make him become an ambassador of a brand or a message.

Among the types of influencers we find Celebrities, Youtubers, Bloggers, personalities on Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The  influencer  bring many benefits to a digital strategy among these may include the following

They put face to a brand or a slogan, because l will influencer humanize the brand and give it a face, that helps users feel closer to the messages.

They eliminate noise since they allow the large amount of information that circulates in the Networks to filter and have more impact.

The messages that are prepared and disseminated from institutions or organizations are less and less effective, but when these same messages are told by others, the possibilities of impacting people increase.

They offer repercussions, since they have a large number of followers, these personalities do not have to do more than publish to get the messages to spread with a wide reach.

It has empathy with a community of users, and yes, the influencer fulfills the role of guide for the message, which will help users get closer to the brand or the slogan in this case, for this they must be an influencer with sufficient credibility in their community.

Often they play the role of reporter because the influencer is very good to cover activities and further expand them quickly.

Generally, the dynamization of digital campaigns usually have a greater impact and participation, if it has an influencer.

Today, specialists in Social Marketing see as an opportunity for political parties, to turn to their supporters or affiliates to the party, to be their influencers.

One of the main objectives of a digital campaign strategy on social media should always be to turn followers into true brand ambassadors, that is, people who speak about the candidate and their proposals, in addition to amplifying the content and key messages, hence the terms Influencer and  Influence Marketing have emerged  , which today are also very important in Political Communication.

Political parties in recent years have begun to look for personalities who have many followers, and especially, who influence the behavior of users, so that they spread the message of the candidate and position him.

But beware, at the time of the election, you have to evaluate if the users who follow you are really people who are capable of influencing the opinion of their followers and contributing to the expansion of key messages.

A user who has 1,500 followers of weight is worth more, than one that has 60,000 and does not contribute anything, because it is possible that his followers are not real or that these, in turn, do not have followers of value for the purposes of the strategy.

It is a serious mistake to choose an Influencer only by their number of followers on Social Networks, currently many even buy  followers  especially on Instagram.

What you have to look at is the  engagement  generated by the Influencer. The likes and comments that an Influencer is capable of generating are key to the impact of the campaign and digital communication.

Today the credibility of those people who are like us prevails, it is easier for someone close, close, and who has a certain reputation to convince you.

For this reason, it becomes essential to identify the  Influencers, the big and small and convince them of our slogan and that our proposal is the best, one thing that must not be forgotten, however, is that an Influencer will never risk their reputation for something what you do not believe or are not convinced of.

These and other strategies make up a new paradigm, characterized by feelings, emotions, influences, reputation, relationships, communities and values, very important when planning a digital campaign.