The United States Wants to Forge a “Responsible” Business Relationship with China

China United States Commercial Relationship

The Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Katherine Tai, held a meeting by videoconference on Friday night (10/08/2021) that Beijing, through its official Xinhua news agency, described as “pragmatic, sincere and constructive.”

The reason for the virtual meeting was to discuss Chinese trade practices that Washington considers unfair and to “forge” a “responsible” relationship.

This was the second meeting between the main trade negotiators of the two countries after bilateral relations were seriously affected by the tariff war launched under the mandate of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Katherine Tai and Liu He had already had the first contact last May.

According to the Xinhua dispatch, the negotiators said that both cooperation and economic and trade ties should be “strengthened” due to their “great importance” both for both powers and for the world as a whole.

“The two sides had pragmatic, frank and constructive exchanges,” the agency said.

They put the cards on the table

Liu and Tai “exchanged views” on bilateral trade and economic agreements.

Washington denounces that China has not fulfilled all its commitments in the “first phase” of the pact to close the trade war, and also raised their concerns, after which they agreed to “resolve” them through consultations.

For his part, Liu filed a formal complaint regarding the U.S. tariffs and sanctions, Xinhua said.

On the sidelines, Tai detailed the United States’ concerns “regarding China’s policies and practices… that harm American workers, farmers and businesses,” Katherine Tai said.

The Joe Biden administration claims that China’s huge state subsidies for domestic companies, theft of intellectual property and other factors create great inequality in trade. These practices have widened the United States’ trade deficit with China.