Trump Says Twitter is “So Boring” Without Him

Trump Twitter Boring Without Him
Trump Twitter Boring Without Him

Donald Trump says that Twitter is no longer interesting and lost millions of users since it was expelled from the platform last month in response to his role in inciting the attempted insurrection in the Capitol of the United States.

Speaking with Newsmax host Greg Kelly by phone from his home in Palm Beach, Florida, the former president paid tribute to the late conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh and teased a possible return to the presidential campaign in 2024.

Trump then launched an attack on major social media, having lost his most important megaphone following the events of January 6, which also led to his impeachment by the House of Representatives, before his acquittal by the Senate.

“They really wanted me in Parler,” the former president said, alluding to a right-wing alternative to Twitter that has struggled to find a host since the riot, before moving on to lament the loss of followers.

“You know he had 89 million, but that was because they repressed him, and also he had 36 or 39 million on @POTUS and we had other sites where we had millions and millions of people, so I think we have the same followers on Facebook and all they want and it’s part of the problem, mechanically, they can’t handle it because there are too many people, it’s bigger than them many times ”.

Trump then set out to disparage Twitter, claiming without evidence that it was bleeding users out.

“And I will tell you that it is not the same. If you look at what’s going on with Twitter. I understand that it has become very boring and millions of people are leaving, they are leaving because it is not the same and I can understand that, “he said.

On his future plans to relaunch his brand on social media, Trump hinted that he might start his own platform, before returning to his complaint.

“We will see what happens. We are negotiating with several people and there is also the other option of building your own … you can literally build your own site” he added.

“But they were harassing us a lot on Twitter, they were putting up all kinds of ‘flags’, I guess they call them. They were pointing out almost everything you said. Everything he was saying was being pointed out. It is a shame”.

And yet there are other foreign countries that say the worst possible things and don’t even talk about it. But it has become very boring. We don’t want to go back to Twitter. “