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What are the Elements in Consideration of an Electoral Campaign?


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In the elections, many factors intervene, one of them is the strategy, as the zero point of the electoral contest, however, knowing what are the elements of an electoral campaign that accompany the strategy will help to define activities and tasks.


In an electoral campaign, the diagnosis aims to recognize the predominant feelings and emotions in society. Another objective would be the segmentation of audiences, which will help to provide differentiated messages for each group defined by the study.

For this, we must carry out surveys, focus groups, among other tools that allow us to recognize the needs of people, predominant feelings and emotions, important concepts for the electorate such as crime or security and values ​​that society recognizes as important.

A diagnosis should also be made of the campaign’s political rivals. Mainly to know their position and perspective, analyze the possibilities of our rivals, will also allow us to know ours.

Allies are an important piece in the campaign and it is worth making the effort to analyze them to measure their level of support in the campaign and their influence.


The strategy begins once the complete diagnosis is available, it begins with the design of the strategy, which must determine the way to implement the campaign, to develop tactics and strategies that are real and are carried out in the most automated way possible, Getting to this is difficult, the normal thing is that when the campaign begins some tactics are modified, however, the strategy must be maintained.

Without strategy, campaigns have no direction and the budget is wasted on unnecessary actions, which are meaningless, for example, if the strategy has determined that the most important thing is to make the candidate known, the tactic will be to prioritize the face of the candidate and the name, rather than a slogan, this makes a logical sense that should not change.

The strategy can be divided into three:

Ground Strategy:

It is based on all the actions that take place in the street and that have physical contact with the voters. The strategy does not focus on distributing flyers or putting up panels. It is much more work than that, it is about geo – locating the areas that may be most optimal for some activation, to put honeycombs or for some massive activity.

Digital Strategy:

The digital strategy consists in the optimization of resources for ads on digital platforms, this through an analysis provided by tools such as Google Analytics, for example.

The digital strategist will determine the best way to reach micro-segmented users. It can be with videos, memes, texts, gifts, photos, etc. Another obligation is to know how much to invest to reach different audiences in the most optimal way, without wasting resources.

Media Strategy:

Usually the person in charge of media strategy is a journalist or public relations officer. Who will define mainly which media the politician should go to, at what times and how to reach the media, paying or not in advertising. Normally, public relations officers determine how to attract the attention of the media to which they want to reach.

It must be in consideration that each of these strategies derives from the main one, they cannot go separately, also the 3 strategies must act together because the land campaign can have repercussions in the press and in networks, or that is declared in a television medium can be uploaded to the candidate’s digital platforms.


The messages are an important part of the campaign, because they are the product of the strategy design, they leave the operational level of the campaign.

Types of messages:


The slogan becomes the brand of the campaign, which will represent the candidate, and that it is directed to a very large electorate, each person can take it as they perceive it, there is no control over the perception of the electorate, it is not designed for this, but to be a general concept that groups together various sectors of the citizenry.

In a campaign there can only be one slogan, this must be replicated by all possible means, such as merchandising, speeches, spots, mentions in interviews, etc.


The speech must be consistent with the slogan and values ​​that the campaign has determined to highlight. Discourse is a construction of a general narrative, which can take various forms depending on the place where it should be expressed.

Microsegmented texts:

The microsegmented texts are written on social media and are sent to a specific audience, paying an advertising guideline on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These messages may have different ideas from each other, but not from the main story.

Advertising spot:

The spot is audiovisual content, which reflects the candidate and their values, it must be consistent with the discourse, slogan and values ​​of the campaign. It is recommended that every spot attracts attention in the first 5 seconds, so that the viewer continues to look at it for another 10 seconds and so on until the video is finished.

Here we have placed 3 basic elements that every electoral campaign has. Diagnosis, strategy and messages. The first stage is a study, the second would come to make the plan and the third the product.

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