Why Study Political Science? 12 Reasons to Do it

Why study Political Science

A career that can excite you if you have the right character and interests.

Political Sciences study the different power relations between different types of authority and individuals (citizens, more specifically). Any professional with a degree in this career will be able to carry out multiple tasks: teaching studies and research, advising groups, organizations and structures of a socio-political nature.

Year after year, the career of Political Science generates interest among many high school graduates who are thinking of making the leap to the university world. Now, is it a good idea to study this career?

As a graduate in Political Science and Public Management, I will try to expose the advantages and benefits of studying this career. This post will be treated from a personal point of view, where I will explain my experiences and thoughts, along with a purely professional approach and taking into account the job opportunities offered by the career. Hope it helps you decide.

What is learned in the career of Political Science?

Many people wonder … what is the object of study of Politology? These are studies that allow you to acquire broad knowledge in various branches related to politics, such as Public Administration, Political Economy, Political Philosophy, International Relations, as well as Research and Analysis of the many and varied social phenomena and politicians that occur in our environment.

Although some think or affirm that studying Political Science “is useless”, they are very wrong. Few – if not any – university degrees will give you such a wide and varied background of knowledge, in addition to being a subject that directly affects our lives as citizens.

Why study Political Science? 12 keys

We are political beings and as such we should have analysis tools. At the end of the day, everything that happens in politics changes our living conditions, both in working life, legal, educational, health …

Below I am going to propose 12 essential points that will allow you to reflect and know if Political Science can be a field of study related to your interests and expectations.

1. Because you are passionate about politics

As with art, music, theater or sport, politics is pure passion, heart and values . Nowadays there is a tendency to believe that the most popular profession, that of the politician, is that of wanting to benefit from an appetizing position with an abusive salary for one’s own benefit. In some cases it can happen, unfortunately, but in most it is not.

The interest arises from the concern to know how the world works and the power relations, linked to ideas of which we sympathize and defend. It is not surprising, then, that many Politics students are in turn militants of political parties and vehemently defend their positions.

2. You are interested in discourse analysis

How many times have you listened to a speech and analyzed it a score of times? It is another trait linked to passion, which manifests itself from a very early age. Well, although at an early age we still have a vague idea of ​​what politics is in general, we do tend to have a well-defined base of our scale of values.

When we listen to a speech, we try to find that subliminal message that few know how to appreciate. If you are one of those people who like to detect contradictions or fallacies in the verbal maneuvers of public representatives, you are a serious candidate to study Political Science.

3. You are concerned about social needs

If you live constantly analyzing and researching the needs of the society in which you find yourself, detecting latent problems as well as those that are a priority for you and from a subjective point of view (this is where values ​​and ideas come in), the career Policy can offer you even better tools and criteria .

In addition, taking these studies will allow you to identify the political measures that could remedy them.

4. You are organized (… or would you like to be)

Political Science is a network of very complex studies. Politics is, after all, about organizing and managing the daily life of a community, planning and being persistent at work.

This profession is evaluated on a day-to-day basis, with each problem and with different political entities for decision-making. Depending on the decision chosen, the final result will be applauded or booed. If you are an organized person or you want to enhance this ability, nothing better than this career.

5. You want to drive change

You don’t have to be a mass leader or an epic speaker, but if you have certain ideals you should be part of that force that wants to drive change. Both for one side, “the left”, and for “the right” so that we understand each other.

No matter which side is chosen, the important thing is to have a collective conscience and fight for the common good. If you think that your ideas could generate a more just, innovative and supportive society, you could be a good political scientist (and also a good politician if you like action more than analysis).

6. You prefer the word as a solution method

Politics is based on the power of the word and oratory to convince others, our public. The more communication skills you have, the better the ideas and values ​​that we want to apply to the political system are transmitted.

The good politician faces the conflict by means of the gift of the word to solve any type of discrepancy. Thus, the communion between clarity of ideas and oratorical resources are two of the essential competencies of a politician who aspires to lead an organization or even a nation.

7. You think that everything is related to Political Science

From the price of coffee we pay to the distribution of goods on the streets in a city, everything has to do with Political Science. The name of the streets, the laws that regulate the different taxes, the influence of certain religious minorities, the power of large companies, the hours that shops and businesses must fulfill… it all depends on what happens in political life.

Nothing is left to chance. All laws meet certain needs and solutions to live in harmony. And it is that society, as Thomas Hobbes would say in  “Leviathan” , is regulated by a social contract between citizens and the power that governs them. If you are aware of all this you will have developed the necessary criteria to study this career.

8. You are creative (or you like to practice divergent thinking)

Contrary to popular belief, politics is not just a strict decision-making guideline. There is no infallible formula to apply to a conflict or a social problem.

In politics you have to be proactive and not reactive, and that’s where creativity comes into play. Political science makes it possible to combine creativity, critical thinking and collective work. This particular characteristic generates high levels of satisfaction for the professionals who dedicate ourselves to it.

9. You feel a great interest in learning

On a personal level, I would like to influence this point. Just as a psychologist wants to know what happens in the mind of his patient, or the sociologist is interested in the behavior of society, the political scientist wants, in a certain way, to know how institutions work, the relations between States, the processes that happen in local governments or the reason for a war.

If you have been interested in reading and learning about these issues since you were young, it is likely that you will be a good political scientist in the near future .

10. You want to know yourself better

I remember the first day of class. A classroom of 50 people, in some cases divided into groups of “thoughts or ideas”. There were those of the left, right, anarchists, statists, militarists, etc. It is incredible to breathe the atmosphere of such a group, each person or group with their ideas defended with the knife. There were often tough but interesting confrontations. 

In Political Science, the being learns to know itself better, to identify itself and to polish its knowledge, something that no other career offers.

11. Great, but… what career opportunities can this career offer you?

The Political Science degree will open the doors to a wide range of jobs . Most of the available options tend to pay well, as well as providing the satisfaction of being able to use your skills and judgment.

Feeling like a necessary person, and not a mere number: this is one of the main advantages of being a political scientist. NGOs, Public Administration or Political Advisor are some of the most attractive career opportunities in the sector.

12. You are looking for a diverse and adventurous profession

Related to the previous point, Political Science and its job opportunities, constitute an interesting future project for those people who reject routine and order.

As a politician or political scientist you will be in constant search of knowledge, you will explore different countries, you will work with people from all over the globe and no day will be the same as the previous one.

And if I don’t dedicate myself to it, what do I do?

Do not worry or obsess about it. Many of us are passionate political scientists who do not have the profession.

It is something common and that I would like to add in the article so as not to hide anything from the current reality. Those of us who have studied Political Science never cease to be interested in what is happening around us.

And although given the circumstances where we are crushed to work as interns, the future is promising as we have to face new challenges following the evolution of modern society and unresolved conflicts, such as the refugee crisis and their integration in societies with radically cultural cultures. opposite.