Why Use Political Marketing as Your Allie Campaign

Why Use Political Marketing as your Allie

In Latin America people do not vote rationally, they make decisions based on feelings and mainly on emotions such as love, hope, hatred and fear, among others. Political Marketing is a set of techniques that allow us to interpret the needs of voters or citizens. Now there is a different way of campaigning, which is the strategic way.

Political marketing is the new way of doing politics, where parties or interest groups have their importance, but where the activity of the applicant has to be daily and permanent, in order to determine the results. No political party wishes to place in a position of popular election someone who does not guarantee them victory.

Political marketing will help parties, opinion groups and candidates to be able to know and have good horizontal communication between the candidate and the voter. Before there was a separation between the candidate and the voter. Now the plans have changed and it is different even in rural communities, although it is slower because there is less information, but in the more prepared, more capable cities; more informed things change.


There are several reasons, the first is that people do not vote rationally, they make decisions based on feelings of love, hope, hatred and fear. Second, there is a great influence of the mass media, they are everywhere and their influence on opinion is openly known. Third, the technological development and growth of cyber media as communication channels. Finally, there is not enough money to finance a campaign and win an election and for this reason with political marketing we are able to be much more efficient with the management of the few resources that we have and finally the electoral competition is stronger every day.

The first tip is to focus on the voter, on what the people say. The opportunity should not be missed with a media outlet and talk about people’s problems. It is important to create a connection between the voter and the candidate, between the leader and the voters, between the leader and the voters. When leaders begin to connect with people, they begin to generate representation and commitment.

Voters at the time of voting are motivated. What is to be done? know what disturbs people, what generates interest and what solutions they want. If it is known, it will be possible to communicate and be in the same horizontal plane.

There are techniques of political marketing that help to know and use proven sociological techniques, which are not only studied in electoral matters, but also in psychological and sociological matters in many universities.

You don’t need to know what worries people, what distresses them, what their motivators really are to have better communication and better representation.

An electoral campaign is a communication event. It should be clear that everything the campaign does and what it does not also communicate, where two or three candidates participate with the sole purpose of obtaining the number of voters necessary to win the election on a specific date.

In marketing we learn to manage the times perfectly well. Proper time management ends up being much more important than financial resources. Everything has its moment in the campaign.

How to win with political marketing


Political Marketing is a set of techniques that allow us to interpret the needs of voters or citizens, creating proposals that satisfy them through a candidate or political party or organization, using communication consistently.

There are two ways to campaign. The intuitive, as was done before. Now there is a different way of campaigning, which is the strategic way. One of the frequent political marketing mistakes is to believe that political marketing is the same as commercial marketing. Another common mistake is to rely only on advertising.

Research is the starting point of a strategic campaign. Before only solid votes were analyzed, now volatile votes are given importance. Now there is the competence of persuasion. Previously, communication was given a general message and mass communication. Now it is contacted by segment, the message is specific, and the communication is precise.

A common campaign interference is the misuse of time. Time management is more valuable every day, because the campaign is shorter, however, it must be understood that political work is not shorter, but more intense. Communication has to be better and more efficient every day.

When I speak of a permanent campaign, I do not mean to ask for a permanent vote. To ask for a vote is two months, but the campaign is not just asking for a vote, it is to make yourself known, it is to have depth of image with a particular issue and that people know what the candidate is doing. So that when the start-up two months are, you can ask for votes. You should not aspire to win an election if it has not been won in the previous two months.

The resources that must be available are: 1) money, 2) time (the most important resource because the better the time management, the more money). and 3) talent.

Many people say: “he is the best candidate”, that is not a guarantee, the candidate is a single variable, important but not decisive. Other variables are: the strategy, the message and the campaign. The team is also important, as well as taking care of the votes. If the candidate has four of these points, things are going well. Every campaign starts with an initial audience, knowing how many materials we need, how much money we have, that is, the first thing to do is budget for the campaign. The image resource, that is, knowing whether or not they know the candidate if he has a positive or negative image.