The spectacular view of space tourists from SpaceX’s Dragon capsule

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Space View

Passengers on the Inspiration4 mission will travel farther than the International Space Station, in a target orbit of 575 km. Every day they will go around the world about 15 times.

SpaceX shared the first images of the capsule that took four civilians into space on Thursday, in a mission that paved the way for those who are not professional astronauts.

A short video posted on Twitter showed the spectacular view of space tourists from the glass dome installed in the Dragon capsule, the ship on board which they will orbit the planet for the next three days.

The incredible journey in zero gravity, a historic first, began on Wednesday, when the Falcon9 rocket lifted off from the legendary 39A launch area of ​​the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, amid a fireball that lit up the night.

A few minutes later, the first and then second floors of the rocket separated, leaving the Dragon capsule and its passengers alone in the cosmos.

“Few have been there before and many will follow. The door is opening now, it’s quite amazing,” said billionaire Jared Isaacman, the mission commander, from inside the capsule after reaching space.

They must travel farther than the International Space Station (ISS), in a target orbit of 575 km. Every day they will go around the world about 15 times.

Called Inspiration4, the mission represents a step towards the democratization of space, proving that the cosmos is not reserved only for crews of astronauts trained over the years.

The mission was chartered by Jared Isaacman, 38, a director of a financial services company and an experienced pilot.

The price it paid to SpaceX has not been disclosed, but it is presumably in the tens of millions of dollars. He is the commander onboard and offered the other three places to strangers.

Hayley Arceneaux, a pediatric cancer survivor, is a 29-year-old medical assistant. She is the youngest American woman to enter orbit and the first person with a (femur) prosthesis to do so.

Sian Proctor is a 51-year-old geology professor who becomes the fourth African-American woman to travel into space.

Last is Chris Sembroski, 42, a former US Air Force officer who now works in the aviation industry.

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama congratulated the crew after takeoff.

“They are inspiring us all with their courage, curiosity and passion,” she tweeted. “I think of all the young people who will admire this crew and dream big because of them.”

At the end of their journey, they will begin a dizzying descent to land in front of Florida.

For SpaceX, this is nothing less than the first step towards multi-planetary humanity, which is the ultimate vision of SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Onboard, your biological data (heart rate, sleep, for example), as well as your cognitive abilities will be analyzed.

His training lasted only about six months. The flight should be fully automatic, but the crew has been trained by SpaceX to take control in an emergency.

The crew members were also subjected to physical tests. Together they walked through the snow to an altitude of more than 3,000 meters in the northwestern United States.

The mission also raises funds for St Jude Children’s Hospital (Memphis, Tennessee), where Hayley Arceneaux now works after being treated there as a child.

This mission ends a boreal summer marked by multimillionaire flights into space.

The first was Richard Branson, on July 11, who took off aboard the Virgin Galactic spacecraft, and a few days later Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, with his company Blue Origin.

But these flights only offered a few minutes of weightlessness.

SpaceX has already sent 10 astronauts to the ISS on behalf of NASA as part of three manned missions and is planning other space tourism flights.

The next one will be in January 2022, with three businessmen on board.