Google Search Console: What is it for and How Does it Help You?

Google Search Console How Works
Google Search Console How Works
Google Search Console How Works
Google Search Console How Works

Search Console is a free tool from Google to track the performance of your website, but how do you get the most out of it?

Do you want your website to be in the first position of Google searches ? To achieve this you will need your website to have a good optimization for its web positioning, known as SEO and, for this you have to detect any detail to improve, know your audience and make Google want your website.

I tell you that you can achieve it if you use the right tool. With Google Search Console you can obtain a large amount of information about your website and the people who visit it . Best of all, it’s free. Google Search Console is the perfect tool to help you position your website in web search engines and know your audience. In this article I will explain what Google Search Console is, how it works and how to get the most out of it. Let us begin.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is Google’s free platform with which you can analyze and solve problems indexing, appearance and positioning of your web page in Google searches.

With this tool, you can also know if Google can find and crawl your website perfectly and, in this way, you will achieve a better position in Google searches.

Google Search Console is a free platform to monitor how Google views your website and optimize your organic presence in its results lists.

Google created this tool to help web page developers. But don’t worry, you currently don’t need technical knowledge to benefit and get the most out of Google Search Console.

If you have a web page, it is very important that you know how to use this tool, and thus, make your web page stand out in the search results.

What is Google Search Console for?

Google Search Console lets you keep track of the visits that come to your website through Google searches.

In addition, this tool helps you to solve errors that prevent your website from standing out in Google search results.

Google Search Console is used to analyze organic traffic and solve problems with the appearance of your website in Google searches.

But before going into more details I will first explain the benefits of using this tool.

Improve the visibility of your website

Google Search Console allows you to identify errors that prevent your website from being shown in prominent positions in search results. What allows you to correct and improve the SEO of your website.

Your website updated in search results

When you fix broken links and coding problems, Google Search Console helps you update the changes in such a way that Google search shows an accurate update of your web page without its glitches.

Optimized keywords

Google Search Console allows you to know the keywords and key phrases that people use to access your website. With this knowledge, you can optimize your website and thus respond better to specific keywords.

Cyber ​​Threat Security

A very important function of this tool is that it notifies possible security problems that affect your website. This allows you to prepare yourself, create defenses and correct vulnerabilities .

Rich snippets

Rich snippets are information like ratings, reviews, and just about any information that results in a better user experience. Google Search Console tells you if you have problems with rich snippets and what you can do to improve them.

Rich snippets attract more users to your website, and Google Search Console is key to this.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Compatibility with mobile devices is a determining parameter to highlight your website in search results.

Google Search Console tells you if you have problems that affect the performance of your website on mobile devices. This allows you to correct compatibility issues and, as you may already know, Google values ​​web pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Analysis of Backlinks

The web pages that link to your web page give Google an indication of popularity. Google Search Console gives you an overview of all the web pages that link to you and you get a report that motivates and maintains your popularity.

Also, remember that you can combine it with Google’s Disavow tool to disavow links if you detect harmful inbound links.

Real-time indexing

With Google Search Console, you can endlessly edit, change, and modify your web page, and ensure that Google indexes your changes instantly .

Without this tool, the changes you make to your web page would take weeks or months to index in the Google index.

What can you do in Google Search Console?

Here is a numbered list of everything you can do with Google Search Console:

  1. Identify your pages with the highest traffic.
  2. Identify the queries with the highest CTR.
  3. Find your average CTR.
  4. Monitor your CTR over time.
  5. Monitor impressions over time.
  6. Control the average position over time.
  7. Identify ranking increases and decreases.
  8. Identify the highest traffic queries.
  9. Compare the search performance of your website on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.
  10. Compare the search performance of your website in different countries.
  11. Know how many pages have been indexed.
  12. Find out which pages have not been indexed and why.
  13. Monitor the total number of indexed pages and indexing errors.
  14. Identify mobile usability problems.
  15. Know how many total backlinks your website has.
  16. Identify which URLs have the most Backlinks.
  17. Identify which web pages link the most to you.
  18. Identify the most popular anchor text for external links.
  19. Identify which pages have the most internal links.
  20. Know how many total internal links your website has.
  21. Find and fix AMP errors.
  22. See how Google sees a URL.

Anyway, the advantage of Google Search Console is that anyone can use it. Google designed the platform for different levels of experience and skills. That means that an SEO consultant , web development agency, or business owner can use Google Search Console and get real value from it.

How to start using Google Search Console?

Now that you know what Google Search Console is for, I share a small guide to use it with your website.

If you follow the steps that I give you in this guide, in a few minutes you will have your web page added to Google Search Console and thus, begin to benefit from this great tool. Let’s get started.

  1. First, log into your Google account. Make sure to use your business account (not personal) if it is a business website.
  2. Go to ” Google Webmaster Tools .”
  3. Click on “Add a property”.
  4. Select “Website” from the drop-down menu and enter the URL of your website. Make sure you are using the exact URL that appears in the browser bar.
  5. Click ‘Continue’ .
  6. The next step is to verify that you own your website (HTML file upload, domain name provider, HTML tag, Google Analytics tracking code, or Google Tag Manager container snippet).
  7. If your web page supports both http: // and https: //, add both as separate pages. You must also add each domain (for example,,, and

Google Search Console verification methods

HTML File Upload – Upload a verification HTML file to a specific location on your web page.

Domain Name Provider: Login to your domain registrar (such as GoDaddy, eNom, or and verify your website directly from Google Search Console or add a DNS TXT or CNAME record.

HTML tag: adds a <META> tag to the <HEAD> section of the HTML code on a specific page.

Google Analytics tracking code : copy the Google Analytics tracking code that you use on your website. (You need “edit” permission in Google Analytics for this option).

Google Tag Manager container snippet code : Copy the Google Tag Manager container snippet code associated with your web page. (You need to view, edit and manage permissions at the container level in Google Tag Manager for this option.) is not the same as

Each domain represents a different server; Those URLs may look very similar, but from a technical perspective, they are two unique domains.

If you choose “” as your preferred or canonical domain . That means you’ve told Google that you want all of your URLs to show up as “……”. And when third parties link to your pages, those URLs should also be treated as “……”.

If you don’t tell Google Search Console which domain you prefer, Google can treat the www and non-www versions of your domain separately, dividing all page views, backlinks, and engagement in two. Not well.

Google Analytics vs. Google Search Console

If you think that Google Analytics like Google Search Console seem to be focused on the same tasks, I must tell you that they are not.

First the focus of Google Analytics is on your website traffic . Google Analytics tells you how many people visit your website, the type of platform or application they are using to communicate with you, the geographic source of the incoming traffic, how much time each visitor spends browsing what you offer and what are the most searched keywords in your website.

Google Analytics gives you an in-depth analysis of the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Instead, Google Search Console focuses on showing you how technically sound your website is in meeting the challenges of the internet.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allow you to have analytical knowledge to undertake a successful Marketing strategy.

But it may be pertinent to remember that both tools present information in very different formats even in areas where they overlap.

It follows that the integration of both tools presents you with additional analytical reports that would otherwise be lost; reports that go the extra mile to give you the kind of layout and marketing inputs that lay the perfect foundation for great marketing strategies.