#Hashtag: What is it how to use it on social media?

Hashtag How Works What is it
Hashtag How Works What is it

Social media are places where people can share what they are seeing, thinking, and feeling.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could filter searches around a certain topic?

If you agree, you can be happy, because there is a solution for that: The hashtag !

With the spread of social media, the presence of hashtags has become more and more constant. Many of us have already seen them and we have even used this device. However, many times we do not understand its main function.

So, to better understand what they are for and how they are used correctly, take a look at this post!

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are like keywords that people use to mark the topic of content they are sharing on social media.

Each hashtag is transformed into a hyperlink that directs the search of people, who, also, marked their content with a specific hashtag. When you select a word for a content, it is automatically added to the search group for that topic.

In other words, it is a more practical way of grouping various content on a given topic, making it easier to search for the desired topic. From this search, it is also possible to find the people who are talking about a certain topic and what each of them shared.

For example, if you are interested in knowing what people are commenting on about a new topic or content from the Content Marketing medium , you can facilitate your research through the hashtag with the name of the subject or topic that you want to search on social networks. This way, you will discover what people are saying about that topic.

How and when to use a hashtag?

Making use of a hashtag is very simple. Just use the number sign (#) and then insert the keyword with which you want to better rank your publication. Do not forget that the spaces are not identified, therefore write all the words together.

Returning to our example, to talk about Content Marketing, for example, just add a hashtag #contentmarketing or #contentmarketing and you will guarantee that it is included in the search universe of the topic.

Basic tips for using hashtags

It is important to talk about some tips that can help you a lot so that your hashtags are successful:

  • Don’t put all your content in one hashtag. If you want to know what people are thinking about a movie, use the hashtag with the name of the movie and don’t #block people are thinking about the movie. Well, that will greatly limit the search, reducing the volume of content found.
  • Don’t use a hashtag for every word. This tip is the opposite of the above. If you append the hashtags #what #people #are #thinking #about #the #film, you will add the content in various search groups, not necessarily what you initially planned.
  • Use a hashtag that is consistent with the topic of the content. Using a hashtag, just because it is trending but without saying something relevant to the topic, will make the hashtag ineffective for spreading the content.
  • Check the grammar. A simple spelling mistake, or even typing, can make the hashtag a failure. Well, it is not very likely that several people make the same mistake when creating a hashtag.

How can my company use a hashtags?

Now that you know what a hashtag is and how it should be used properly, it is time to understand how you can apply this knowledge in practice for your company.

First of all, it is important to emphasize the importance of having corporate profiles on social networks in which your audience is more present and active. In this way, it is possible to interact and get closer to your audience, creating a relationship that goes far beyond the commercial.

Thus, if your profile is public, the use of hashtags appropriately can make your content be found, in addition to the people who already follow you. Then, choosing the hashtags can play a fundamental role in the reach of your publications, increasing the number of followers, fans or customers.

It is interesting to create your own hashtag for your brand or event as a marketing strategy. In this way, you can encourage your audience with your hashtag to compete in promotions or prizes, for example. In exchange for this, they will greatly increase the visibility of your hashtag.

When a brand creates a hashtag, people start to take ownership of it. Well, they interact directly with the brand and with the company. Thus increasing the possibility of becoming clients later.

How to create a hashtag for a brand?

According to what has been reported so far, it is possible to perceive that creating a successful hashtag is very important for your brand. That’s because a well-done hashtag increases the chances of visiting your site or blog. Currently, the most searched and popular hashtags are those referring to celebrities or breaking news. Thus, it is understood that the most successful hashtags are those that refer to matters of interest to millions of people.

To start crafting a fantastic hashtag for your brand, it’s important to consider a few tips.

Be unique

The first point to be considered is that the hashtag must be unique. To find out about this information, just go to Twitter and search for the term to see if it has already been used before. Apart from being unique, it is necessary that the hashtag refers to an interesting topic for the target audience.

Consider the whatthetrend.com registry

When a hashtag is generated, it is essential that the term is registered on this website and before another person or company does.

Pay attention to the schedule

Every social network has its peak hours, that is, moments in which it is possible to find more people connected. It is essential to consider this aspect and carefully plan the date and time of the use of the hashtag in the cause.

Take advantage of blog posts

A good idea is to prepare some texts related to the hashtag and leave them ready to use.

Right people blow up your hashtag

when you meet decision makers or influencers on the web and they feel comfortable using your hashtag, you have more than halfway done. By being used by those people, you have more chances that your target audience will  be interested in the subject.

With or without brand?

This is an issue that has not defined a common point. There are people who use your brand and there are companies that decide to remove it from hashtags. Most of the big brands such as Kit Kat and Coca Cola do not use their brand, but they do try to put something that helps to capture the concept such as the identity or the image such  as “#haveAbreak” of Kit Kat.

How does the hashtag work on the different social networks?

Despite having been created on Twitter , today it is already used in other social networks. It is important that each of the social networks be investigated very well to understand how people behave and how they use hashtags to generate the greatest possible engagement.

There are several social networks that use hashtags, for example: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Vine. But the behavior of users is very different and unique in each of them.

For example, on Twitter, people tend to use only one or two hashtags in their publications, precisely because it is a microblogging platform in which the characters are limited. However, on Instagram people use 4 or more hashtags on average.

Beyond the difference in hashtags used, each of the social media has its particularities and specifications. So it may be a keyword that is successful on Twitter, but this does not mean that it will be as successful on Facebook.

Learn more about hashtags on the following social media:

How to create hashtags for Instagram

Images on Instagram are more interesting to the public when they have hashtags. Without a doubt, it is a smart way to share photos with more people and gain more followers.

In this way, it is understood that hashtags on Instagram are perfect for users to discover content and new accounts to follow.

When it comes to creating hashtags for this social media, it is essential that they be super specific and related to the subject of the image. Besides, it is interesting to adopt hashtags with localization and update the choice of these hashtags constantly.

Other points that must be considered when creating the hashtag and the texts, is that these references must be included in the publication before clicking on “publish” the content.

It is important to review the hashtags of the competition and of well-known people or companies, consider the use of similar hashtags and use the Instagram search engine.

How to create hashtags for Facebook

When it comes to creating hashtags for Facebook, it is important to consider that these are strategic. A smart alternative is to use specific terms in all public messages. Another important point is that each hashtag on Facebook has its own URL.

Although hashtags do not work on cell phones, they can be considered by computers. In this way, it is important to include them even if the publications are made from a mobile phone.

To generate a successful hashtag, it is important that you think about the market and the target audience. On this, it is important to use the trending topics related to the sector in which it operates.

The facilitation of reading should also be considered, therefore, it is important that each word of a hashtag is capitalized.

Although hashtags are used, it is possible to control the privacy of the publications and make them accessible only to the desired audience.

How to create hashtags for Twitter

On Twitter, it is important to use hashtags that are easy to assimilate and preferably short. This is a good way to get attention for posts.

A fundamental tip is not to use hashtags of well-known brands, it is important to generate a positioning with the term according to your specific brand. That is, that consumers see the hashtag and associate it with the company’s brand.

Another important issue is to be interesting so that people who still do not follow you, but who know the hashtag and its content, feel comfortable to start a relationship with your brand.

A successful hashtag can be used both inside and outside the virtual universe, just as it is a good idea to place it in advertisements or other printed materials.

Many people believe that by putting more hashtags a brand can have greater visibility in the market. But this is a mistake, as it will develop a “hashtag conflict”.

We explain: When we want to attract or retain the audience of a brand, it is important that they be linked to it in some way. A hashtag known and recognized as your brand is better than a bunch of hashtag offline and lost on the web.

How to monitor hashtags on social media

It is common to think that the task is finished after selecting the publish button, this is not the case. Keeping abreast of what is happening with each hashtag is essential for companies.

To accompany the hashtags of a brand, it is essential to verify how people are referring to the brand on social networks.

Thus, you can understand what people are talking about or observing about the brand and its quality.

This method is also interesting to discover which specific hashtags are used when people mention your brand on social media.

The offline world is also attentive to your hashtags, which is why it is important to consider it. For that, it is good that you start thinking of ways to use hashtags to accompany promotions on the radio, events, commercials and offline activities.

An interesting idea is to use a hashtag in all marketing materials distributed in specific campaigns.

Apart from the techniques referred to above, it is possible to monitor hashtags by verifying talks on social networks in real time, monitor the performance of paid ads and consider the results of hashtag contests made on networks such as Instagram.

And then, now that you know how to use hashtags and that you know what you should do to interact with your brand’s audiences, are you ready to get the best results on social media?

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