How to Rank Your Instagram Account

Instagram Optimization Rank Username
Instagram Optimization Rank Username

With more than 1,000 million active users, of which around 25 million are brands, the potential of Instagram to gain visibility with your company is undeniable.

Many times, when we talk about positioning, we take for granted that we refer to search engines like Google. But, in addition to the search engine also showing social profiles and some of their content in the SERPs, the networks also use their algorithms to position the accounts and shared content on their own search engines.

In this post, we are going to see how to rank your username account on Instagram in a simple way by implementing some good SEO practices and techniques that helps a lot.

Why is it important to do SEO on Instagram?

Given the current success of social media, it is possible that your buyer persona, your competitors and the influencers with whom you can collaborate to boost your visibility, are in it. So, to begin with, the opportunity is good.

As I anticipated, the search engines show the pages and profiles of some networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among their results. But, for that to happen, you have to work on it a little.

How? In this post about SEO in social Media we already gave you some clues. Take a look! 😉 It will come in handy as you advance to how to position yourself on Instagram.

Also, not long ago Instagram has carried out an update on its keyword search.

Until recently, when searching the platform, results related to hashtags or profiles appeared, but now, it also allows you to filter by locations and search by interests.

We have also recently seen another good news for SEO on Instagram … and, that is, Google is doing tests to show a special carousel with short videos (such as Instagram Reels, TikTok Micro videos, YouTube Shorts, among others) in its results from mobile.

In principle, these results will be positioned above the rest of the text results in Google and just below the results of sponsored ads. So, more opportunities to gain visibility on Instagram and Google.

How to position yourself on Instagram: Techniques, tips and tricks

By now you will know, but one of the keys to getting new followers, building loyalty and encouraging them to interact, is to share quality content on social media.

This is something that the Instagram algorithm will detect and reward, giving a boost to your visibility, since it will consider what you post more relevant for the user.

In Zuckerberg’s most visual social media, image is king.

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Creating a good Social Media Marketing strategy with a focus on the visual is vital … and for this, you can help yourself with the different formats offered by the platform (photos, videos and carousels in the feed; stories with a variety of filters and customization options; the already more than popular reels …)

But, the fact that much of the weight falls on “the visual” does not mean that you must take care of your texts and optimize each section that allows you to improve your SEO on Instagram.

So now yes! Let’s review some simple tips to position your brand:

1. Get the most out of your account

One of the keys to improving your visibility and positioning is your profile.

Although it seems obvious, it is essential that you make sure that your profile is public if what you really want is for your target audience to know you and access your content.

In addition, registering your account on Instagram Business is also a must.


It is important that the name is the same or very similar to that of your other social networks, as this will help users find you more easily. That is, use a name that is recognizable and easy to search for.

In addition, to earn points to appear in the suggested accounts, it is recommended that you include your main keyword in both your general name and that of the user.


As a profile image, opt for a photo or design that perfectly represents your brand, be it the logo or the star product.

And remember: especially on this social network, the quality of the image reflects the quality of your company, so choose wisely!


The bio is the ideal place to include secondary keywords, calls to action, and of course, a traceable link from your website.

2. Use your hashtags as keywords

Now is the time to optimize your publications, since most users will not search for you directly, but they could find you through a hashtag in a specific post.

In your SEO strategy for Instagram, treat these tags as secondary keywords.

At the branding level, it is advisable to create your own hashtags, which even contain your brand name. This is a unique badge that your most loyal followers can use to search for you or share their content.

Now, do not miss the opportunity to achieve new looks using a variety of hashtags. You can include up to 30, although between 6 and 9 is usually a good number.

3. Optimize your images for SEO

Using original images is extremely important, but sometimes, we need to pull the bank and then make them with the look and feel of the brand for those cases, it will be great for you to take a look at The 20 best free image banks.

But, speaking of how to position yourself on Instagram, what should you really take into account at the image level? To get started:

Take advantage of alternative text

It is an Instagram function that allows you to write captions on photos to help visually impaired users. And, incidentally, to accounts with SEO on Instagram.

If you want to access this option:

  1. Select “advanced settings” located at the bottom.
  2. Choose the option “write alternative text.”

Optimize subtitles

Creating an attractive title is essential to attract the attention of users, and help you both to gain new followers, and to improve engagement.

And also, if you include the right keywords, it will also be useful to appear in the search results.

4. Show your location in posts

As I have mentioned, now the Instagram search engine also returns results by location, so giving a little to local SEO can be more interesting than ever in this social media.

Playing with your location as a tag can help you gain visibility, gain greater authority in your environment, and even gain followers and customers.

How to do it? Easy: by publishing your photos, and also, in the space destined to put your location, which appears just below the username.

5. Lean on influencers

As with any of these tips, betting on influencer marketing may or may not make sense depending on your strategy and type of business.

But, knowing the benefits that this increasingly popular technique can bring you on Instagram can be great for you.

The essential thing is to know how to find the key. That is, find instagramers with influence in your niche, and whose profiles and content are aligned with the essence of your brand.

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6. Encourage interaction

The more interactions your posts receive, the more interesting you are for users, and even more so for Instagram.

7. Analyze and improve your strategy

As in any marketing strategy, analyzing which content and actions have given you the best results is vital to continue fine-tuning your aim, pleasing your audience more, and with it, the Instagram algorithm.

Also, do not forget to closely follow your direct competition, and also successful accounts on the social network, regardless of the sector, because they can always inspire you …

To carry out this analysis you can use Instagram’s own analytics tools, as well as the wide variety of tools on the market, such as the popular Metricool, or the SEMrush section for Social, which is very complete.