How to use Twitter Ads Campaigns to Sell More

Twitter Ads Campaigns

Businesses are discovering that Twitter is a very effective tool for marketing, sales, technical support, and customer service. Your prospects and current consumers are talking about you on Twitter, so you need to listen to what they are saying and adapt your strategy on this social media to respond to their conversations. You can also use Twitter to actively promote your brand, generate leads, promote your events, and interact with customers in real-time.

We share some ideas to use Twitter as a marketing channel:

Promote your brand by optimizing your profile
You must make sure that:
– You use your logo as a profile picture
– You use your brand name as your username
– Use your brand name in your Twitter bio and add a link to your bio
– Add your website URL to your profile
– Use your brand name as your hashtag and include it in your tweets

Generate leads by offering instructional videos , e-books and product samples
Write an attractive tweet that includes a link to a page where leads can be generated. Remember to always send visitors to different pages, according to what you tweeted. Once the user agrees to receive what you offered, follow up with a series of emails that will introduce them to the rest of your products, videos or e-books.

Monitor your results to know what is most popular among users and what type of tweets generate the best responses. Tweets are like subject lines in emails, so you have to be very careful when observing to create more effective messages.

Promote webinars, conferences, classes and other events sponsored by your company.
Write tweets that promote events and include links that lead to a page where users can register. Again, it is important that you use different pages for each event and that you monitor the results.

If appropriate, offer discount codes in your tweets
Twitter has become a very useful tool for both B2B (between businesses) and B2C (towards customers) businesses. In B2B sales, Twitter helps you keep your name in front of prospects, especially when your sales cycle is very long. In B2C sales, you can use promotions and coupon codes, as well as create contests to generate sales.

Now, we give you some tips for using Twitter as a sales tool:

Monitor your competition and the hashtags they use to see what people are saying about them on Twitter. When you see negative tweets about their products or services, use that information as a possible competitive advantage.

You should also listen to the positive and negative comments of your brand. Contact unsatisfied consumers or prospects immediately to quickly fix the situation. The key is to address their concerns quickly so that you can turn the negative feeling into a positive one, and publicly too.

Use Twitter searches to find people who use keywords from your target in their profiles, hashtags and tweets.
You can find people who are dissatisfied with your competition’s product and offer them a solution to their problem. These people are potential consumers, so you should review their profiles and follow them. 

Once you give them a follow, check who they follow and continue following people who could be your customer. Add your prospects to a Twitter list to make it easier to monitor and communicate with them.

When you have a prospect in your sales funnel, win them over by talking to them publicly on Twitter
Send them links to your new texts or videos and introduce them to your products and / or services.

Run contests to generate sales
You can, for example, get people to Twitter a photo of themselves using your product, and give winners discounts on their next purchase.

Tweet coupon codes
One of the most popular searches on Twitter Search is “coupon codes” for certain brands or products. Seize it.