Social Media New conditions to earn money with videos on Facebook

New conditions to earn money with videos on Facebook


Just as YouTube has its Partner Program and strict conditions to be eligible for the monetization of videos and earn money with them, Facebook has also decided to add new conditions to earn income with videos and, in addition, has launched new options for monetization.

From now on, the Facebook Corporate Pages, in order to join their in-stream or on-demand video ad system, must meet the following requirements:

-to have a total of 600,000 minutes of video viewing in the last 60 days. This duration can be achieved through the different video formats that can be uploaded and performed on social media: both videos on traditional demand, live broadcasts and Live broadcasts that are seen on a delayed basis.

-Have five or more active videos uploaded, or live broadcasts that can be consulted in a delayed manner. Videos must be published, not deleted, and comply with Facebook’s content monetization policies.

Until now there were practically no requirements to meet. The only thing that Facebook required was that the videos have a minimum duration of three minutes to show advertising in them. Now what is being done is promoting above all that users also create live broadcasts and short videos to get money on their pages.

Of course, other variables must also be met, such as having a Company Page with at least 10,000 followers, being over 18 years old and being located in a country where content monetization policies are active on Facebook.

In-stream Ads on Facebook Live

In addition to the general requirements, to be able to show advertising in live shows, these other requirements must be met: have at least 60,000 minutes of Live viewing in recent days, in addition to meeting the above-mentioned requirements for “on demand” videos, that is to say, those that are uploaded normally to the social network.

Creators can check whether their Pages are eligible for monetization in either ad program through Creator Studio. There you can also request that it be checked that the Page complies with the requirements to obtain money with the videos. Periodically, Facebook will review requests and add eligible Pages to the program.

On the other hand, advertisers can also select not to show their ads during live broadcasts, if they wish, when they are creating their campaigns on Facebook.

In addition, Facebook adds new ways to earn income for the so-called Stars, the most popular creators, to whom you could send rewards for example during a live, or buy fan badges … in a similar way to how you can do it on YouTube. Starting in the next few weeks, Facebook will also extend this program to “on demand” videos of these stars.

On the other hand, Facebook has announced that it is expanding its program to create Paid Online Events to 24 more countries, in addition to the 20 in which events could already be created and asked attendees to pay a registration fee. In addition, Facebook points out that, at least until next August, it will not take a percentage of the proceeds from these online events (that is, later on).

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