How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

How to view Instagram stories anonymously
How to view Instagram stories anonymously
View Instagram Stories Anonymously

The good thing about social media is that we are all connected. The downside of social media is that we are all connected. We like to see who follows us and sees us. Sometimes we also appreciate being seen. But sometimes not, that’s why we look for tricks to break some rules. A good example is when our intention is to view Instagram stories anonymously.

For whatever reason, we don’t want the person in question to know that we’ve been watching their short videos on Instagram. As with almost everything on social media, there are ways to view Instagram stories without being seen. Secretly.

Hacks to view IG stories incognito

  • Airplane mode : that simple. Enter Instagram, let the stories load at the top and put the airplane mode. So you can consult them offline and, therefore, without being detected.
  • Block : block the account of the person you want to gossip and he will not get it if you see his stories.
  • Second account : an uncomplicated method. To the gross. Create a second Instagram account, obviously, with another name, and walk through the profiles you want without being recognized.

Extensions and apps to view Instagram stories without being seen

In addition to the above systems, which are the fastest, there are a series of tools, extensions and applications that allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. We highlight these:

  • Weynstag: all you need to do is enter the web and copy the username of the person whose stories interest you. You do not have to follow him, although it is essential that his profile is public. It also allows you to download Instagram stories on any device.
  • Chrome IG Story: with this Chrome extension you have the option to sneak around the profile of Instagram users. It occupies 156 KB and its last update – at the time of writing this article – was on April 21, 2020.
  • Story Saver: another interesting Chrome extension. With it you can download stories from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. It occupies 37.19 KB and its last update dates from December 9, 2020.
  • Twitly: This application is available for iOS and Android. It gives you the option to view and download stories from Instagram.
  • one more. As in the case of Weynstag, it is a website where you have to put the user’s name and you will have the option to view their Instagram stories without being detected.