Social Media as Brand Loyalty Tool

Social Media as Brand Loyalty Tools
Social Media as Brand Loyalty Tools

Who more or who less, we have all sinned on occasion buying products from other brands when “ours”, the one we have been buying all our lives, was not available in the usual points of sale.

For this reason, brand loyalty should never be taken for granted and requires both necessary and specialized attention. Fortunately, your business now has channels that, properly managed, make this task much easier. We are talking about social media and their great loyalty power.

What does brand loyalty depend on?

Brand loyalty understood as loyalty leading to repeat a consumer purchasing a product or service depends largely on the category of that product or service.

For example, surely if you go to the supermarket and the milk you usually consume has run out, it won’t be a big problem for you to buy another brand, even if you resume your shopping habits on the next visit to the supermarket. But what if what you have to buy is a computer or a car?

All this has to do with the complexity of the purchase decision and with the phenomenon of love marks, that olympus to which brands belong, who have been able to create a legion of unconditional fans willing to buy, recommend and defend the brand against the wind. and tide.

It is more difficult for a brand to become a love mark if it sells low-involvement products, something that also happens in the sector of telephone and internet companies. However, industries that sell products with greater involvement such as automotive, technology or textiles do have real love marks, as we saw in this post.

The power of social media

Social channels have opened a direct communication channel between consumers and brands that can achieve surprising results when it comes to building customer loyalty.

But for this it is important to create an active community in which your brand adds value to its followers and makes them feel that they are part of something important. Interacting, proposing, activating, benefiting and, above all, listening and offering the opportunity to speak is key to building loyalty.

How can you use your social media to increase loyalty towards your brand?

1. As a customer service channel

Although corporate social networks have not been designed ad hoc to be the usual channels of customer service, whether we like it or not, they have become that.

They are especially so when a client has had a problem with the brand and goes quickly to their social media to show that setback and thus get a noise that guarantees the solution.

But in the same way, they can also become great allies if they are well managed and truly offer a fast, close and personalized customer service.

For this reason, if you want to retain your customers through social networks, we advise you to set up exclusive customer service accounts, apart from corporate ones, and that they are managed by personnel specialized in this task.

Respond quickly, treat the user by name, show empathy with their problem, direct the conversation to private channels to be able to address it more in depth, follow up that shows interest … these are basic aspects of the customer service they find on the networks a great channel to put them into practice.

It is more than proven that customer service is one of the main reasons why a person is loyal to a brand and feels that their inquiries through social media do not fall on deaf ears has a very positive influence on the image and loyalty of the brand.

Spotify knows that a failure in its streaming music service can translate into thousands of complaints and even cancellations of users, that is why it has enabled exclusive social customer service channels in which it solves any questions, complaints or suggestions regarding both the operation of your service as well as questions about billing, contracts.

2.- As a way to share content

Brand loyalty is closely linked to what a brand brings to the lives of its consumers, beyond the products or services it sells. That is if your brand sells bicycles and you enable a YouTube channel where you upload videos in which you explain step by step, in a simple way, how to clean and maintain them or what to do in the event of a breakdown, surely the vast majority will appreciate it and they will continue to be your followers in real life and in digital.

In this sense, social networks are the perfect way to share quality content that shows how much your brand can contribute to people’s lives through original content, useful information, practical advice or unique recommendations.

Ultimately, your brand must create a content plan that, either because it informsentertainsexcites or makes life easier for its followers, manages to retain your customers.

This is the case of Thermomix, which, with social accounts enabled for each country, has promoted brand loyalty through its social networks by sharing the content of interest to users, main peculiar recipes and curiosities to get more out of this food processor. In Spain, its Facebook page has 555,000 followers and in the link, you can see the type of content it shares for its followers.

3. As a space to create community

Brands have the opportunity to converse with their customers through social networks and they should not miss this opportunity to generate a special bond that is preserved over time.

In addition to offering quality content, your brand must interact with its community in a natural way, communicating as if it were a person and not a brand, fostering a dialogue that truly fosters a closer relationship that contributes to loyalty.

Request their opinion, give feedback to their comments, participate in conversations, listen to their suggestions…. In this way, your brand increases engagement and establishes a more complicit relationship with your consumers, something that will facilitate both brand loyalty and recommendation to third parties.

GoPro has been able to create a very active community of followers on social networks, who, in addition to demonstrating their loyalty to the product, nurture the brand’s content through the videos they share on their social channels. Thanks to this strategy, GoPro has millions of followers on its social networks and subscribers on its  YouTube channel.

4. As a way to implement loyalty plans

The difference is in the small details and brands now have the opportunity to have many small details that build customer loyalty through social media.

They can provide post-purchase care so that customers feel protected, develop a loyalty program that benefits their consumers, or apply discounts, offers or exclusive promotions that make them feel special.

The important thing is to be creative when implementing loyalty actions on social media, and that those actions provide added value to your customers and give them a reason to remain loyal to your brand.

Forget about the typical points book and bet on loyalty clubs that develop more powerful actions, with VIP cards, with birthday gifts and unique experiences such as the personalized trainings with which Nike Plus rewards its customers.

There is also the case of Starbucks, another of the brands that works best with loyalty programs on social networks. It uses gamification to interact with its users and offers rewards for each friend you invite to the Facebook page or if you share your game results. A way to create awareness and improve brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is not something that falls from the sky. Even having an exclusive, unique and high quality product or service, a brand cannot think that its consumers will remain there forever. You must work on your loyalty and social networks are a great tool to improve loyalty, engagement and complicity between brand and user / customer.