What is a Community Manager and What Are its Functions

Community Manager Functions Work

It is definitely one of the questions that generate the most debate. What is a Community Manager? Its duties? Companies of all sizes already have professional Community Managers in charge of managing their brand on the Internet.

The Community Manager is a professional responsible for building and managing the online community and managing the identity and brand image, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with their clients, their fans on the internet.

What is a community manager? Who can be?

Despite what many may think, the community manager, CM or internet community manager, is a very complex profession that brings together multiple skills and abilities. You can acquire them on your own or speed up the process by completing a training program for community managers, but the truth is that it is very likely that even if your profile is suitable for this position, you must prepare thoroughly if you want to become a true professional community manager.

Surely a good entry profile to become a professional community manager, are those people who already like social media and have a large dose of empathy, creativity and ingenuity and are very good at establishing relationships on the internet. All this you must complement with knowledge such as:

  • Strategy design
  • Community management
  • Evaluation and management of processes and projects
  • Crisis management
  • Customer Support
  • Tools 2.0
  • Copywriting
  • Web analytics and many others

Experience, a degree for the Community Manager

To become a good community manager you will not only need the key skills and competencies of this profile, but you will also need to gain experience in the day-to-day performance of the Community Manager. The best way to gain experience in this profession and one of your best assets will be to work on your personal brand.

So don’t think twice, if you want to be a community manager, the best way to show that you are a virtual community manager is by creating a profile and developing your personal brand.

When you go to an interview they will ask you for credentials and if you demonstrate your good practices with your personal profile you have more than halfway done and proof of your talent. 

In addition, many companies also need that extra bonus that a professional who has a good network of influence in social media can contribute.

What is a community manager?

This professional is responsible for administering, managing and building a digital community for a brand on the Internet. You must create and maintain long-lasting and stable relationships with fans, customers or anyone who is interested in the brand.

The community manager has the responsibility of managing these communities and social media. It is in charge of loyalty to the audience in the forums and of all tactical or strategic actions. Some experts in digital marketing separate this profession into two different positions:

  • Community manager: who is in charge of tactical activities on social media.
  • Social Media Manager: who deals with strategic activities in the media.

But taking into account the profile of this professional, it should be noted that it is important for them to develop some skills in customer service and assertive communication. On the other hand, it is necessary that the community manager knows perfectly the tone and style of communication of the company on social media.

How much does a Community Manager charge?

Community Manager has made its way among the most prominent professions since more and more users demand and consume information in these ways.

We can establish various types of community managers depending on their responsibility and capabilities. For us, a community manager is a manager, therefore we are not going to talk about a manager of social networks but rather a strategist in the use of social networks.

Normally, a professional who is dedicated to managing social networks can get a salary between 18,000 and 35,000 euros gross per year depending on his rank and the size of the company in which he is located.

19 key competencies of the Community Manager what does a CM do?

If we talk about the profile of Social Media Manager or Senior Community Manager and that it has to have a place within the management committee then we are talking about salaries between € 35,000 and € 55,000.

As we already anticipated, the community manager is a true profession. Sometimes we confuse a twitter or facebook manager with a community manager and this is not the case. A community is a manager who will manage the voice of the company on the internet and determines the public image of the brand, which we call its identity 2.o. This is not trivial and therefore requires training skills and technical knowledge:

  1. Strategy and planning
  2. Content editing: Blogging
  3. Lean Change Management
  4. Community Manager Tools
  5. Design tools for Community Manager
  6. Content Curation and Cool Hunting
  7. Story Telling and Transmedia Narrative
  8. Community Dynamics
  9. Active listening and monitoring
  10. Measurement and Reporting
  11. Deep knowledge of the characteristics of social media
  12. Main social networks: Facebook, Twitter
  13. B2B social media: Linkedin
  14. Image social networks: Instagram , Yotube, Pinterest , Snapchat
  15. Neurocopyrighting and SEO On page
  16. Search Marketing: SEO and SEM
  17. Inbound Marketing & Social CRM
  18. Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain)
  19. Hacking Social Media

Community Manager Skills How is the perfect Community Manager?

A great capacity for empathy and communication is critical in the social media expert. Since its main function is to manage an online community involving users, if it does not have good online communication skills, it will have little to do. In addition, writing is essential, both for the publication of copies for the RRSS and for the creation of posts on corporate blogs.

The second key characteristic of this professional is empathy. Social networks have to be led by an empathetic profile, who knows how to put himself in the shoes of others, and always involved in finding the best solution to the needs and problems of his fans.

Moderation is another feature in which companies will be set when you want to hire a Community Manager. An irascible and impulsive profile can do a lot of damage to the brand in the face of user criticism. The conflict should never intensify: the Community Manager is one more employee of the company who must pursue the solution of customer problems.

Total dedication to the project is also valued. The Community Manager must be prepared to manage any type of threat regardless of the time of day. Here comes perhaps the hardest part of the profession: a Community Manager should never completely disconnect from work.

And finally, the social media expert has to have a real passion for the brand and its products. It is impossible that you will be able to involve others and convince them of how great your brand is if you yourself do not believe what you are saying.

7 Essential skills of the Community Manager:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Large doses of empathy
  3. Problem solver
  4. High level of written writing
  5. Emotional balance and mediator
  6. Total involvement and commitment to the brand
  7. Passionate about social media

Main functions of the Community Manager

The main function that this professional develops is the creation of attractive and quality content. In general, the community manager is not limited to creating and writing content only for social networks, this professional is also usually in charge of managing the corporate blog of the company.

In addition, the social media expert must decide what is the best time to publish the content. For this, it has tools that tell you what is the time of day (and what is the day of the week) in which the content will be more accepted. It also has tools to schedule the publication of content. Not only will content be scheduled for prime-time hours, although of course we will focus on these slots, publications will also be made in the rest of time slots, since otherwise we will not be able to reach all of our target audience.

A community manager also has to monitor all the publications and news of the sector of his company,  becoming the eyes of the company on the Internet. This practice is not only used to identify opportunities and threats in time, it also allows detecting the most relevant content from the competition and the sector. Users do not like self-promotion, but what we do like is content that adds value to us. In this sense, the community manager has to offer content oriented to this mentality, even if they have to promote publications from other companies.

Another function of the Community Manager is to follow and monitor its own publications, analyzing their acceptance by users. In short, you have to measure the number of votes (likes, favorites, +1, etc.), the number of comments and the times the content is shared.

It is vital that the Community Manager knows his target audience; not only his fans, but also potential fans. In this way you will be able to propose the strategy and determine which are the actions with which you will be most successful among said audience.

Another critical role of the Community Manager is to create long-lasting and stable relationships with fans to get them involved. You must be able to put yourself in the shoes of users and realize that they are not on social networks to buy our products, but to enjoy. In the end, the key to the success of a community manager is to become a friend of the user and end up turning him little by little into a customer.

We cannot forget the function of identifying the prescribers. A prescriber is a fan who not only interacts with your publications, but is also willing to defend your brand against external criticism. The community manager must know these prescribers; their tastes and motivations, in order to carry out specific actions aimed at increasing their degree of affiliation.

Now we are going to talk about what is perhaps the most cumbersome function of the community manager: standing up for the company in an online reputation crisis. Although the failure does not have to be from the community manager himself but can be an unfortunate comment from a manager or a defective product, the answer does not have to be prepared by him but can come from the upper echelons of the organization. The truth is that the executor of the response will be the community manager… Are you ready?

As you may have deduced from all the above, to be a good Community Manager you have to know how to define, prepare and execute strategies. Every detail must be carefully planned and the effects that each action will have anticipated.

And, finally, point out that all these functions must have the ultimate goal of achieving the highest number of conversions. Conversions can be multiple and do not have to always materialize in the sale. For example, one type of conversion may be to increase the number of affiliates to the brand.

Training, what to study to be a Community Manager?

The role of a good community manager is strategic in any organization. In order to perform its function well as we have said, it must bring together a series of competencies and skills.

More and more professional community managers are being sought, although it is true that at first it was enough to have empathy and to be familiar with the tone to use in each network, each time it is a more professional figure with a very multidisciplinary profile. It is true that you can choose to train on your own or you can speed up this process by training yourself with a course of proven quality.

If you are going to develop the strategy of a company and want to help build 2.0 organizations then you must work on the strategic approach and you will probably have to train with a master in a community manager.

How to be a successful Community Manager

What did you think of this article? As we have already seen, to be a good Community Manager, you have to have a set of skills and abilities that are not as easy as some may believe. Help us to publicize the role of a good community manager and if you liked this article, share it or tell us in the comments.