What is a FAV for on twitter?

Twiiter Fav Like Use
Twiiter Fav Like Use

Why give FAV when you can retweet? It may seem selfish, petty or inexplicable, but the truth is that there is more than one reason behind an FAV.

What is an FAV for? The other day a tweet reminded me that many of us have a notion of what it means to give a favorite to a tweet that may not coincide with that of others, so I asked myself, in which cases do I favorite a tweet? When do others do it?

These questions were the germ that started my research and which yielded the following meanings of an FAV on Twitter:

Because you want to read it later

Sometimes you FAV someone else’s tweet to have a handy material for future occasions. A link that seems interesting, a photo that you want to share with your friends at dinner …

Because the tweet is cool, but not SO cool to retweet

For example, perhaps the tweet of “Doing guacamole is the most” is the fairest and most necessary phrase for years, but you don’t retweet it because, well, if it was cool enough to retweet it, you would have tweeted it first place.

To settle a conversation

  • Thanks for retweeting my post!
  • Thanks to you for writing it!
  • Not really, thanks to you!

At this moment and knowing that the conversation can go on forever, that it is already 3 in the morning and that tomorrow you are getting up early, you hit an FAV to the tweet and you go to sleep wider than long.

I want to ride you on my sailboat, put your hat on and do that to you ay, ay, ay, ay

These are when you wake up and see that a Kazakh guy has FAVed 137 of your tweets, including all those who had selfies, the ones from the vacations in Cancun and even the communion one. Make no mistake: you are a trending topic in his heart, all the bios remind him of you, he would go with the tuna under your window to sing hashtags to you all night.

I’m cool, but not my followers

Or what is the same, you have written about politics, religion, sex or football. It is the syndrome of “my social network is to please others” and the search for political correctness that you should not have unless you are an important public position. What do you love Justin Bieber? Throw in eggs – or ovaries – and retweet. Do you 100% agree with Toni Cantó’s statements? Well give RT if you like it, everyone has their own ideas, be yourself on Twitter too.

You have retweeted something of mine (and I’m too lazy to give you a thank you message)

When someone shares an article or something of yours, it is not uncommon to do a fav as a courtesy or to invite people to continue to do so. An even greater detail is to give a personalized answer , but sometimes there is no time or desire. My personal rule is, if someone retweets some of your content (and makes a tweet other than the one that comes by default ) then they deserve your personal congratulations if not, it is worth with a FAV. It’s not dogma, I just think it makes sense.

You are the competition

Actually I love your tweet and it seems great to me, but last week you made an article that exceeds the one I had in Google, and now I receive 30 fewer visits a day, and therefore, even if you write well and deep down I love you, I hate you and will never retweet you. This is usually solved by coinciding in person with a few beers in between, acknowledging the admiration, and being best friends ever from that moment on.

Ultimately, an FAV can mean many things, and in general it is a legitimate way to interact with other users on Twitter. Beyond common sense, there is not much to say: Remember that your favs are visible so it is not okay to give FAV to hateful, racist, sexist or violent messages.

Although anyway, I will not say that I do not FAV to that type of tweets: if you are cool, and you are cool as a person, it will be reflected on Twitter. If you agree with certain tweets, then you are not cool at all, and you should not hide it, better be clear from the beginning. And if you are wrong, remember that we are human, and that apologizing always helps.