Marketing & Advertising Psychology: What Does it Consist of?

Psychology, as we all know, is the science that studies human behavior. This science can be applied to the world of advertising and marketing.

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Company

Email Marketing is a powerful tool through which we communicate with users by sending emails, to attract potential customers to our business.

Marketing and Coronavirus: How to Sell During the Covid Pandemic?

Traditional marketing has undergone a change to adapt to the needs of the pandemic. In The world there are 100 million people shopping online, now is the time to advertise on the internet!

What is E-Marketing? Definition, Advices and How it Works

E-Marketing or e-Marketing refers to the use of the Internet and digital media capabilities to assist in the sale of your products and services. These digital technologies are a valuable addition to traditional marketing approaches, regardless of the size and type of business.

What is TikTok and What is it for? The App That is Changing Digital Marketing

TikTok has arrived with force and is a social media channel to complement your digital marketing campaign strategy.

How to Write an Attractive Post on Your Blog

How important is the blog today? Blogs have great potential, both in education and in our daily lives.

KPIs What are they, what are they for and why and how to use them?

The term KPI, acronym in English, for Key Performance Indicator, whose meaning in Spanish would become Key Performance Indicator or Performance Meter, refers to a series of metrics that are used to synthesize information on the effectiveness and productivity of companies.

What is Brief or Briefing and How to Make One?

It is known as a briefing to an informative document that provides useful data for the development of an action. Learn what a briefing is and how to make it

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Russia Wants Putin-Biden Meeting To Boost Dialogue On Arms Control

The Government of Russia expressed its desire on Tuesday that the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden.
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The “Buffett indicator” soared 133% and a stock collapse is feared in the coming months

Analysts say that Warren Buffett's gauge anticipates that the global stock market is overvalued relative to the world economy. Is a new witch born?

This is Paul Tudor Jones’ trio of aces to win on the stock market with inflation

Inflation is here to stay. Says Paul Tudor Jones, legendary and billionaire investor and manager of hedge funds (or hedge funds),...

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