China Allows Its Citizens to Have a Third Child

China announced on Monday the relaxation of its family planning measures and will allow its citizens to have a third child.

Why did China censor part of the “Friends” special?

Chinese fans of the popular series "Friends" did not hide their anger when they saw that the censorship eliminated stars such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Cryptocurrencies: Chinese offensive puts “miners” on alert

The bitcoin miners stopped their operations last Wednesday, as a result of the measures that Beijing took against mining and trade.

New blow to cryptocurrencies: China declared a war on them

China has banned financial institutions and payment companies from providing services related to cryptocurrency transactions.

Chinese Rocket Without Control: Should We Worry For Fragments Falling?

Chinese Rocket out of Control, According to astrophysicists cited by CNN, this event is not as dramatic as it sounds and the chances of a human loss.

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Cryptocurrencies in correction? What can we expect in the future

Cryptocurrencies expand through protocols that were born from day one as global instruments without jurisdictional restrictions.
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This is why you should see the new Loki series

After the premiere on Disney+ of the series "Loki", social networks have been flooded with memes and reactions about its first episode.

Emilia Clarke broke the silence and referred to the unforgivable mistake of Game of Thrones

Two years after the chapter in which a Starbucks cup appeared during a Game of Thrones scene, the series' protagonist, Emilia Clarke.

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