Vitalik Buterin has made $4.3 million investing in Dogecoin

In an interview with Lex Fridman, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin spoke about a possible collaboration between Ethereum and Dogecoin.

Investing in Dogecoin: a double-edged sword

When investing in an asset, whether it is a cryptocurrency or not, there will always be risks, but in the case of Dogecoin, this is taken to the extreme. The cryptocurrency that was born as a parody.

Shiba Inu: the self-styled Dogecoin Killer fails to recover

After a meteoric rise, the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu lost as much as 80%, and at the moment it shows no signs of wanting to...

End of the DOGE effect? Elon Musk asks about accepting it at Tesla, but its price does not go up

Elon Musk published a survey on his Twitter account to ask his users about whether he should accept Dogecoin as a payment method at Tesla.

Cryptocurrencies in red: Bitcoin continues to fall, Ethereum slows and Dogecoin does not rebound

Despite the negative sign, analysts believe that the technical data anticipates a new bullish momentum for Bitcoin traders to celebrate in the coming days.

The Bank of England’s strong warning to those who invest in cryptocurrencies

In January, the UK Financial Conduct Authority had already warned about the risk of incurring huge losses from investing in crypto assets.

Dogecoin: The Social Media Expensive Joke Now is a Trend

Dogecoin was initially created as a “joke” a number of years in the past changing into a trend to poke enjoyable at Bitcoin and different sorts of cryptocurrencies.

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Which countries top the ranking of earnings through Bitcoin

The blockchain company Chainalysis made an estimate of the profits obtained from Bitcoin transactions in 2020 according to the nationality of the investors.
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Ed Sheeran announces the release of “Bad Habits”

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran announced on Friday the release of "Bad Habits", his first solo single in four years, which will be released on June 25.

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls cryptocurrencies the new Wild West

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren lashed out at Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, due to their high energy consumption.

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